Snake and Rabbit

Snake and Rabbit – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Snake The astrological match between men and women Rabbits and men and women Snakes is not the greatest pairing. Chinese horoscopes say that this relationship should be undertaken in cases of extreme love or lust only. This is because it is so difficult to make a lasting zodiac pair with the Rabbit and the Snake.

Rabbit women are very creative and prefer to spend their time at home. Snake men are very perceptive and can pick up on even the slightest hesitation or non-truth. Rabbit men are sensitive and do not anger easily. They do not nag. Snake women are very wise for their age and this lures the Rabbit into their inner circle like a spell.

Chinese Compatibility Rabbit When they are dating, the Rabbit and Snake can be seen holding hands on the beach, sharing drinks at the bar with friends, or studying historical ruins while traveling. In the bedroom, the Rabbit and the Snake are very passionate and loving. The Snake can be very intense and passionate under the surface and lovemaking shows this side. The Rabbit needs to watch out though because the Snake is usually irritable, tends to get jealous, and is very suspicious at times. This can ruin the relationship if the Rabbit and the Sanke do not work hard enough to keep envy under control.