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Snake and Rooster

Snake and Rooster – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Snake From the get go this unlikely match becomes a great pair in Chinese astrology.

Snake men are very calm and wise. Rooster woman are honest and very ambitious. The two complement each other well especially in their differences. The Snake woman is one that never gets the wool pulled over her eyes. She sees through any mans rouse and quickly becomes jealous. The male Rooster is very independent and can think on his feet. He is never caught off-guard.

Chinese Compatibility Rooster When going on a date, the Snake and Rooster can be found playing volleyball on the beach, traveling to historical sites, and spending hours boating and fishing. They are very active and lively people who enjoy some excitement in their lives. In the bedroom, things are just as steamy. The Snake and the Rooster enjoy many hours of raw and physical lovemaking. It is not uncommon for the two of them to have sex all night long and keep going with their day without sleeping. Their relationship is very sweet overall and although the Snake and the Rooster will have a few bumps along the way, this pair will last a lifetime when they are in love.

15 thoughts on “Snake and Rooster

  1. I am a Aries-Rooster man and my girlfriend (since 5 months only) is a Leo-Snake! Since the first second, our relationship has been the most intense (for both of us), with never ending, equally stimulating conversations, extensive culinary experiences, followed by hours of extremely passionate and extremely passionate sex, which neither of us experienced before!
    My snake-girl is highly attractive and she triggered the before absolutely impossible monogamy man in me! Since I met her, no other woman seems attractive to me.
    Even though we know each other only a short time, we are both convinced that our relationship will last decades!!! And now we also know the reason for this strong bond.

  2. Well am a gentleman snake with a cute little rooster. She has a great style and loves to be in charge in bed. Have got to stage where she has started to understand about sensuality….slow down and enjoy the journey. Talk for hours and as a snake understand she needs to have adventures and have excitement in her life. As a snake something we enjoy doing and canshare with her…great match

  3. I am a rooster woman, I love snake man and he is the best even though he can be so possessive. He protects, loves and motivates me and we are a perfect match. I wouldn’t change a thing about our relationship.

  4. I’m a Sagittarius lady n my baby is a Leo. Its been for almost 8 years that we are together. I must say he’s not king of kings but the Leo is really the one 4 me. We broke up so many times well he’s very possessive and looks cocky. Most of the time I fell very claustrophobic. We always egg each other on. Thanks to his jealousy each time we are apart, as usual, he steps in god there is no freedom here. In bedroom he is a jungle Leo n he thinks I’m going wild. At least he is the guy who cares for me. He’s always there when the chips are down. I ♥♥♥♥ my special Leo..

  5. I’m a Rooster & my boyfriend is a Snake. It’s been 8 years that we are together but during this time we had a lots of break ups. It’s true that Snake men cheat on their partners from time 2 time. Nevertheless Snakes are so jealous. Ps: we are still crazy about each other. In the bedroom he’s so demanding, why most Snakes are like that??

  6. Hi I’m also a Snake woman yes Rooster are not that good in the bedroom what with some work and that you love each other a snack. And Rooster loves each other for life my grandad and grandma was Snake and Rooster too and they was married for 68 years and the only thing that split them was the pasting of the man so yes there are things that need work but it worth the work

  7. I’m am Snake I can say that Rooster are not the best in the bedroom but in other ways the Rooster is a good man to a Snake woman yes it take more work in the bedroom but its wroth it for the love you get

  8. Sex with the Rooster was probably the worst sex of my life. I am a Snake woman and Snake and Rooster are not compatible, especially not in the bedroom. The Rooster man was lame and self centered. He thought he was god’s gift to women, and he had no idea how bad he was in bed. He thought he was great, but he was the worst love I ever had! To me, the Rooster is a non-sexual being! Snake and Rooster is a nono!

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