Snake and Sheep

Snake and Sheep (Goat) – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Snake Chinese astrology has shown in the past that the Snake and the Sheep zodiac signs are very hard to keep together.

Snake women are jealous and think that their mate is cheating even when there is nothing to be jealous about. The Sheep man is very polite, has impeccable manners, and is too quiet to make a big scene. The male Snake tends to go overboard on everything and is quite stubborn. This upsets the female Sheep because she is very cautious and kind to everyone. These two will not work out very easily because they do not mix in the least. They are totally opposite and these opposites do not attract, they repel each other.

Chinese Compatibility Sheep or Goat When dating the Snake and the Sheep will see immediately that they have nothing in common. It will be hard to strike up a conversation but the Sheep will never let the Snake know that anything is wrong. Sheep are too polite for that. After a few times of rescheduling or changing venues, these two will agree they have nothing in common and usually go on their separate ways. Even sexually, the Snake and the Sheep do not create any sparks and sex is just sex between them and nothing else.