Snake and Tiger

Snake and Tiger – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Snake Chinese horoscopes predict that the Tiger and Snake combination is one that should never be taken seriously. These two are only good as distant friends or sexual hook-ups.

The Tiger male is very bold and strong. He is a loner yet very popular in a crowd. The Snake woman is calm yet passionate. They attract each other almost immediately, but this is the extent of their compatibility. The Tiger woman tends to change her mind quickly and has a temper. The male Snake is very headstrong and tends to be suspicious all the time, especially of his lover.

Chinese Compatibility Tiger When dating these two can have a lot of fun. Tiger and Snake both enjoy fun, lively atmospheres and have no trouble making friends. Playing pranks, having large parties, and drinking together will be fun for the both of them. In the bedroom, the Tiger takes the lead. The Snake submits physically but vows to figure out why the Tiger is so hungry for sex, as if there is an ulterior motive. The Tiger and the Snake undoubtedly will fight during and after sex if they make it that far. This combination should only proceed with caution if they attempt to form a love match.