Horse – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Horse:

Personality and Characteristics of the Horse

The Horse -馬

The Horse is a vibrant and happy sign. Individuals born under this sign are well known for their outgoing behavior, overflowing energy and active lifestyles. Horses love crowd and performing activities with others. They can often be seen at large gatherings such as concerts, parties and other people-filled events.

The mind of a Horse is a quick one indeed, and they usually know what you are going to say before the words have finished leaving your lips. Horses enjoy forming bonds with others, but regardless of how integrated they can become with a social group, they are known for being rebellious. This gives the Chinese Horse a great capacity for leaving a group at any time and running to find new pastures and opportunities to graze upon anew.

If anything, the Horse is known for energy. Short attention spans, impatience and contradiction of personalities are all quite common for this Chinese sign. Horses are always well natured and fun loving. They will acquire respect and wealth easily and are hardworking and extremely likeable by all.

The Female Horse

The Horse woman is known for her intense feminine but equally aggressive behavior. She balances both well and requires her mate to on equal with her at all times. If the female Horse feels they are falling short of her attention she will quickly bite at them and hope to make them aware of their shortcomings. If her words cannot do this, the Horse woman will begin to refuse intimacy and ultimately end the relationship.

Because she never trusts her own femininity, the Horse woman can seem cold and insensitive. She may always seem a bit emotionally detached as she is concentrating on her own inner issues. Because of this the female Horse can reach out in different way to express her feminine side, often resulting in erotic lovemaking instead of emotional methods.

The female Horse will not tolerate begin subordinate to anyone, and will rebel if anyone tries to exert any type of authority over her. She is often quite self-absorbed and prefers the private to the social gathering arena.

The Male Horse

The Horse man personifies the cliché, wild stallion. He is capable and enthusiastic about sex, and is always ready to go. This can be a harmful trait however, as it may be hard for him to resist temptations and may be unfaithful to his mate. In addition to this, the male Horse will always expect forgiveness for any indiscretions he may partake in, something a lover might find quite impossible to live with.

The Horse man may have issues with money, as this is one of his last concerns in life. He is known for a healthy positive outlook on life and an outgoing hearty nature that is welcome among all. The Horse man is always well groomed and presents himself well in public. However at home; his area is usually in disarray. While many would find this chaos hard to cope with, the male Horse is quite comfortable within, and finds a ‘method to the madness’.