Snake and Ox

Snake and Ox – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Snake The Ox and Snake combination in the Chinese zodiac seems an unlikely pair at first but these two work out great for each other. They are both pretty even tempered and the Snake and Ox have no problems working or saving money. The Ox woman is patient and kind. This keeps the Snake man in good spirits. He is a lively character and can be very intense at times.

Chinese Compatibility Ox The Ox man can be very stubborn and he keeps to himself a lot, this can fuel the jealousy that the Snake woman naturally feels towards her mate. Although they have issues to work out, the Ox and Snake can make a great love match if they work hard enough in the relationship. Chinese astrology shows that these two can make a great pair when working through their differences.

Sexually, the Ox and the Snake are very compatible. The Snake is very apt to try new things and to please his/her lover in very passionate ways. Hours spent by the fire, long walks on moonlit beaches and special romantic getaways are common with the Snake. The only problem here is that the Ox needs to open up and learn to communicate with the Snake or he will become jealous and suspicious of her if she cannot.