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Compatibility Sagittarius and Leo

Compatibility Sagittarius The Leo and Sagittarius combination can be worthwhile if both are great at communicating and listening to each other. Without these two skills there is no use in beginning a love relationship. The Leo woman needs to be adored, cherished, and doted on. This is not what a Sagittarius man gets into a relationship for. The Sagittarius male is very flirty and loves the attention from all the women. This can be very unsettling for the Leo who has a huge ego which demands to be stroked constantly.

Compatibility Leo Communication between them is not an easy task. The Sagittarius man gets fed up with his Leo mate as she constantly talks about herself and tries to get him to talk about her too. The Leo woman gets mad at the easy attention her Sagittarius man receives from other females. Leo wants to lead him into her own private den but he would rather stay out with the group and bask in all the ladies attention.

The Sagittarius woman is usually good about letting her bold Leo man take center stage but sometimes she can’t help but try to change her mind and direction. This usually ends up in a huge argument. These two signs can be dynamic in the bedroom. Sagittarius is usually up for just about anything sexual and has no inhibitions. The Leo gives the Sagittarius all the attention he/she wants and smothers him/her with passionate love making. In the end, they are usually left gasping for breath. Sex is their strong point. Both are well-matched, have long endurance, and are very passionate love makers. This is a very compatible combination, as well as inside and outside the bedroom, go for it!

24 thoughts on “Compatibility Sagittarius and Leo

  1. Haven’t seen a male Sagittarius chime in so just thought I’d confirm that for 21 years I’ve been the lucky tamer of one amazing Lioness. We’ been married for almost 19 years and have 3 beautiful offspring, 2 young men (Virgo and Scorpio) and a young little princess (another Leo). Yes my Lioness’s pride is strong figuratively and literally speaking and though we’ve had plenty of rough patches where we both went on our own hunts for external adventures, we are forever drawn back to each other by maintaining a strong internal connection through communication, kindness and tenderness. I seek sanctuary in the simple truths of her moral absolutes and she trusts in return, letting the guard down of her ego and allowing me to belly rub her spirits with the empathy I gain through worldly observations.

    TIPS: Leos should always learn to develop the ability to retract their claws rather than roar and pounce on others, especially whenever trying to attract the many arrows in the Sagittarius quiver of moral expressivism. We are cagey nomads that will gallop away to greener glens and peace pastures and like to see our prey from a distance so don’t try to maul us if we’re not paying attention in the moment. You’ll quickly realize we have no problem finding food and shelter elsewhere but we will always return home to your fire, if you keep it brightly lit. I haven’t met a Leo yet who doesn’t know how to shine but make sure as you bask in that spotlight to leave room on the stage for us or we’ll find other leads in our play. We are plate spinners, candy givers and snake charmers like no other so never be intimidated by our use of parlor tricks to reinforce our value and place in the world and the attention we receive is only ever to win the Leo back. Both signs will naturally want to pull apart, creating elements of distrust, but accepting your differences and supporting those strengths in each other by continually listening, you’ll both learn great lessons in selflessness as you skate the slippery slope of socratic discourse versus just plane bickering about dinner choice and netflix pick. Maybe arguing is needed for both of these predatory signs to feel like they are putting up a fight in the hunt for truth and humility but the ultimate prize of a fiery love that burns with the heat of a thousand suns and many a 7 year itch is theirs for Sag and Leo to taking and become a power couple envied by many.

    Oh and about that love thing… 3 kids. Ya, lots of love. Lots of wild, crazy short random bursts or marathons of “why am I so sore? oh right, I was locked in a cage with a hungry Lion for 14 hours” kinda love but maybe I’ll post in our Dragon – Snake Compatibility section for further details on that. 😉

  2. As a Sagittarius woman, a Leo mate is like no other. My relationship was dynamic from the moment we met and 18 years later I’m in free fall. It is true that Leo men require alot of attention, which in the beginning I was happy to give but as the years rolled on I began to resent his constant neediness.
    I’m progressive in every aspect of my life and my Leo chose to live his life in the past, which was riddled with self doubt and crushing fear which he used as a crutch for his addictions. In the end he chose addiction over his family and we parted acrimoniously. That was five month’s ago and it still hurts.

  3. sag woman and leo man, we started flirting when we was 14 and we started to go out like 2 years after and we’ve been together for 10 year and now im 26 with 3 children and one on the way also very happy with how my relation ship has turned out and over the moon with my boyfriend and how he cares for me.

  4. I’m a Leo woman, in love with a Sagittarius man. He was my first love, we where in high school. Now, over 35 years later we have reunited…I love him madly, for the most part it works. But if he continues to leave me because he thinks communication is an argument he can stay gone the next time. I wish we could have been together since we first fell in love. He is everything I could have wanted in a relationship. He excites me in so many ways. I love how he lets me love him.

  5. Im a sag female and my ex is a libra and before him i was with a leo… and let me tell you we got along fine but this one time i couldn’t spend time with him and he stared calling me a hoe saying whats more important than me.. other men..i was shocked than got over it, we still talk but as friends. Now im talkin to another leo the wierd thing about leos it seems to me they are naturally attractive to sags because leos are usually the ones hitting on me or wanting my number, but i love how we can talk, laugh, have fun wth each other… but leos are a lil to controlling and sags don’t like that.

  6. I’ve been with my Sagittarius guy for a while now. We broke up, because I questioned our compatibility because of the affection show by others- Leos beware, we LOVE attention, but don’t let it blind you, be aware of where you heart truly lies. The Sagittarius may not seem very romantic at first, but they are far from the type that dives in full force; gaining the romantic side if the Sagittarius may take,time, and their idea of romantic can differ from that of us Leos. Passion is definitely high and fiery, and the Leo and Sagittarius together are playful beyond belief. Great communication and understanding is key- lady Leos don’t let your egos get in the way lol. Sagittarius should be sure to pamper our ego just a bit, because we Leos are usually one to return the favor. Don’t fear the Sagittarius’s friendliness with women, as long as you’re both on the same page a Sagittarius will be loyal to you because they know where there hearts lie. Good luck in your love endeavors.

  7. Leo woman here! I have been dating a sag for 8 months.and kinda feel like we are better off as friends. I don’t know.i kinda want a lil more serious relationship but the core-quality that i look for in relationships (loyalty) just is not there any advice?

    • I felt the same with my Sagittarius guy, and so I broke it off; let me say I’ve never missed a guy so much. Express your feelings, because communication is needed in Leo Sagg relas to make it work. The Sagittarius can be known for going from girl to girl- they hold the one night stand record- but form a strong relationship and stay on similar terms and things should be fine in the loyalty area. I say be honest and talk out how you feel- because the Sagittarius and honesty go hand in hand.

  8. I am with a Sag and we clicked just as you all said, he is charming and totally a men of my dreams. I never had a relationship like this, the Sag is just everything that I am looking for in a men and yes I am a Leo women. He is just outstanding and with all good that he is I cant see any flows, so if there is any Leo women out there who hasn’t dated a Sag she really should.

  9. I am a Leo woman. I have a relationship with a Taurus for more then 10 years. I love him, but we have been trough a lot of negative times together. Its what they say- Leo is a positive sign- Taurus negative. I kinda want to believe in yin yang. You need negative and positive. ..but why is the positive side of a Sagittarius man, ..something i always get back to? I met a married Sagittarius guy. We clicked. We fuel each other with energy. If i only could combine a Taurus with a Sagittarius …..then i think i have the perfect guy. This is my story on this say., it happened with me before. In a relationship with a Taurus, but at the end a Sagittarius … knows how to get my attention.

  10. I am a Leo lady that dated a Sagittarius man for a short while. He was younger than me by about 4 years but this was not the problem. We got along great, and clicked fast in the beginning. The Leo and the Sagittarius were on fire, everything was going great. About three weeks into dating he tells me “lets take things slow, I really really like you and want good things from this”. The Sagittarius man said he did not want this to turn into a train wreck like all the others in the past. I agreed and respected his wishes because I liked him allot too. Well here is where the problem begins, my idea of slow was way different than his. When the Leo lady dates someone I still show that I care, tell him how much he means to me, and that I like him a lot. I guess his idea of slow was different so he tells me it feels like we blew past dating and it sounds like I want a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. I felt bad about this because all I was doing was what I thought was dating. I think my kind, caring, loving nature scared him away. 🙁 So to this day his decision leaves me grasping at straws. I’m thinking the Sagittarius man took my being this way as me wanting more when all I was doing was dating him and making him aware of how much he meant to me. In the end the Sag tells me he needs time to think about what he needs and wants and has to chill for a bit and step back for now. At first I wondered with did I do wrong, did I give to much to soon? Just as I’m ready to burst and call him to ask for an explanation I remembered all the talks we had about his past, the bad relationships, and spiteful women he was with and it all made since. All I can do now is not contacted him and respect his wishes to have some time to think. All in all I think Sagittarius men are great, as long as they don’t get tarnished by all those from their past they are very scared to commit. lol

    • I’m a Leo woman and my man is a Sagittarius. Yes we have our bad days but our good days out weight the bad ones by far. The Sagittarius loves me like crazy n yes I love him the same it’s not one night he don’t tell me he love me and I let him know that I love him as well and yes they are big flirts. But so am I … But we both know where our hearts are at and where home is. As long as we have this understanding both of us gonna always stay commented to each other. As long as I give the Sagittarius man freedom and he gives me mine he always find his way back home each and every night since 1989…

      • My man is a Sagittarius and I’m a female Leo woman. I’ve been dating this guy for almost a year and I so in love with him. The Sagittarius charming funny and he makes me happy and he loves everything about me my goofy way my sense of humor and my attitude. Some days we do fight but before the day is out we make up just as fast we are both passionate the same way. We think alike we can read each others thoughts and mind it might sound crazy but it’d true most Leo and Sagittarius couples have that ability to do that because we are mirror images of each other that’s why we get along so well we are the only couples that can keep up with one another can’t no other sign keep up with our energy because we are too intense so if anybody want to say that Leo and Sagittarius don’t get along they haven’t found the right one …. Cause I love my Sagittarius man…

    • Well, you rite about that they are. But I went though the same thing with one of my Sagittarius’ at the being he couldn’t get enough of me. Then he fell head over heels for me, then we both fell on love together everyday was stayed together inseparable. After 4 mos. of doing that the Sagittarius wants to slow things down. So I gave him what he wanted. After a couple of days without hearing from him I called and we talk about what the Sagittarius wanted an in a relationship and I told him what I needed in a relationship. He needed freedom and sex and so did I so we both understood what the other persons needs are and after he got his little couple of day pass he came rote back

  11. My sag and I have been best friends since we were 14. We are now 22 and have been together for a while now. We are both impatient and impulsive. Communicating, there is natural sympathy and understanding. We do have our differences though. I want him to worship me and make me feel important. I get frustrated when he fails to do so and points out how full I am of myself (love his bluntness). But when he see’s how much of an injury his blunt remarks causes me I can always count on his honesty. The Sagittarius may not go to extremes to express his undying love to me but when he simply tells me how much he does care and just how much he needs me I bounce back to my cheerful self. That’s what I admire most about him is his integrity and honestly (I wish I can be a little more self honest). What upsets him much his his jealousy. It’s not extreme, but it’s there. The Sagittarius man will not admit to it but he does not like the thought of another man paying courtship to me, even if its just a friendly hi. But he sees my loyalty and he knows deep down that no admiring man will pull me towards infidelity. We’re playful, competitive, and we like to play games. No matter the outcome we never take things too personal and in the end were always able to laugh together. We’re both flirtatious on a friendly basis and when we arouse one another’s tempers. This sounds weird but it’s more for the fun and thrill of it. We enjoying pushing each others buttons because its a way to fuel our thirst for passion. It’s the reconciliation, knowing we were just yearning to run back into each others arms and smile about the fun of it all.

  12. Sag man Leo women


  13. I have been with a sag man coming up 13 years and I totally agree. Woman flock to be in his presence hes a very good muso, but he is a loyal soul who only ever comes home with me. If anything he looks for me while they are surroudning him to make sure im alright and after 13 years I just laugh and smile. We have had to sort out our comms problems because as a leo Im impatient and hes a cruisy sag. I am also impatient and want to talk and sort and he needs his alone time to get his head around everything. All in all im very lucky with my gorgeous sag man and hes had to put up with alot from this demanding leo woman. This has been very enlightening though thanks great help

  14. Sagittarius man? Mind blowing. He’s not unfaithful to me, but I love how easily he talks to women. Keeps up with me in the sack, won’t tolerate my temper tantrums, supports me 100%, loves my fiery side. He’s brave, smart, loves his adventures but is quick to reassure me its me he comes back for. Gives me space, knows how to reassure me in an argument, enjoys the attention other men give me, sees it as a compliment. Quick to temper but just as quick to control it, all in all, by far the most attractive type of man I have ever met! This is after a year together, with him having a demanding & dangerous job (typical Sadge) what a sexy, sexy man.. 🙂

    • I agree with you lady Leo my Sagittarius is the same way it’s not one day or not he don’t tell me that he love me and he put up with my crazy ways but always tell me he ain’t going no where and its been almost a year we are great friends and great love partners and believe me we don’t leave each others side and yes we are big flirts but my Sagittarius knows were home is and were his heart is …

  15. I agree with CuteE that Sagittarius male and leo female are too strong to get along! Just in my experiences with Sagittarius males, we are both argumentative and like to be right! That’s not good for a relationship! Sex between them is great but that only lasts for so long!

    • I been with my Sagittarius for 26yrs. And our marriage is as strong as it was when we first met and our love is just as strong and yes we had our days but who don’t and yes he open door wash dishes wash clothes and make groceries for the house and we still get alone in the bedroom and in a relationship so I don’t understand what happen with your Sagittarius man cause mines is great and a love as a friend and a husband an I would change him for no other sign no way…

      • Hey I’m a Male Sagittarius and I’m in a long distance relationship with a Leo… We have an amazing relationship and the sex is outrageous. I’m writing to get advice from some “married” Leo women as a man what are some great love and/or woman tips I should know about keeping my Leo happy long enough until we move in to together?… Btw if my Leo woman one day goes out for dinner by herself should I suspect shes a cheater?

        • No not at all, Leo is the most faithful sign in the zodiac, if anything she should be more worried about you lol! To keep her happy, tell her how much she means to you at the most random of times and make her feel like she is needed, also compliments and flattery will get you everywhere and stay faithful, it’s the only thing she can’t forgive you for 🙂

  16. Astrology claims that Sagittarius and Leo is a great love match. Well, at first we probably were. I’m a Leo female and the Sagittarius male was not just flirty with me when we first met. The Sagittarius was a casa nova who tried to get into any girl’s pants! Some horoscopes may say that the Leo is quite flirty herself, but by far not as much as the Sagittarius, especially when the Sagittarius is a male! We had a great fling going on for the first few weeks. Sex was great. Compliments for the Sagittarius’ skills in the bedroom. But a Leo woman needs a little more than that. And that’s where the Sagittarius man lacked. He was not very romantic and he was not the type to hold open doors for his woman either. I think that Sagittarius and Leo are both just too strong signs to get along. If the Leo and the Sagittarius can compromise and work together, a love relationship might work out. In my case it didn’t. I still give it 3 stars for this erotic adventure with a Sagittarius man.

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