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Compatibility Sagittarius and Libra

Compatibility Sagittarius The Libra woman and Sagittarius man make a very special connection. The two are almost perfect for each other. The Libra woman has very good taste and prefers antiques and high-quality items. This fits perfectly with the Sagittarius males’ love of traveling and exploring. These two signs share many things in common like philosophizing and studying nature in general.

Compatibility Libra Another thing that the Libra woman and Sagittarius man have in common is their love of parties and social functions. The two usually meet at a dinner party, company outing, or nightclub. Libra and Sagittarius make friends easily and can understand each others needs. The Libra woman senses a feeling of needing space in the Sagittarius male and can respond without smothering him. These two signs can harmonize their relationship easily because they sense what the other needs.

In the bedroom, Libra and Sagittarius can make magic. They have ways of connecting that although they are different, still complements the other. Libra and Sagittarius sense when one needs affection or when the other is hurting. Being intimate and having sex is their way of healing each other. Behind closed doors, they can give each other what they need the most. Communicating is important to both of them and talking while being intimate is important.
They will spend hours talking about life, love, and friends. They will go for cruises, vacations overseas, and look for lost treasures. Mysteries intrigue both the Libra and the Sagittarius and together they work out puzzles and problems. This could be why the two work so well together.

33 thoughts on “Compatibility Sagittarius and Libra

  1. I’m a Libra and best friends with a sag when we first met I was he was like “ayee you came” and he made me blush and laugh the whole day. We have been friends for almost 4 years. I told my friend Haily that I liked him and I’m pretty sure she told him. 4 weeks later she told me he liked me, but didn’t know if I liked him back. So I got soo nervous about it and I said I don’t like him Like that anymore… What was I thinking?!?! So a week later he asked my older sister out… I was so jelly and sad mad, BC she knew I liked him and he knew I was jelly. They broke up but when they were dating he always said you and your sister look alike…I mean did he ask her out BC I look like her? Its kinda like me dating him….right? Anyways I have always regretted saying that I didn’t like him. So a few years has event by and me and my sister went over to their house ( him and his brother) we hung out for a long time. It was cold out, he said “r u cold” and I said Yea then he was talking to my sister he said ” go home I don’t want her to be cold” she didn’t listen and I was really cold so he started to walk off so I followed… He gave me a hug and me and my sister went home. A few months later he got shot !!! I was sad and scared for him. I bumped into his sister and she told me about it I started to cry and she wiped my tears and said she will tell him every thing I said… Next time I saw her she told me he said ” I’m okay and I love you” what does that mean??? Does he love me as a friend or the other way???
    Some one help me understand. Plz.

  2. I’m a single 38 and a half year old Libra (i look alot younger) who has always gotten along with Sagittarians (especially 10-15 December born ones) that it was easy for me to see myself in a relationship with one of them although I’ve never had a Sagittarian girlfriend before. Because of my past positive experience with them as friends and all the good things I read about Libras and Sagittarius when it comes to compatibility, I’m ready to try for a relationship with any single white (just my preference) Sagittarius girl (age between 18 and 37) who’s interested so feel free to email me at m-25-77@hotmail.com and if I’m already seeing someone I’ll tell you from the start as loyalty and honesty are the most important! I mean what can happen if things don’t work out?? Nothing serious, JUST A COMPLETE DISASTER..that’s all!! JUST KIDDING! πŸ™‚

  3. I feel like my boyfriend doesn’t pay attention to me, he’d rather spend time gaming and watching movies rather than spending time tgt. I give him space to do whatever he wants, i don’t even ask who is he going out with when he has a date . I get really upset and insecure because I know he doesn’t like to be tied down. He also gets really upset when i hang out with my best friend often since he’s a guy too, why does he only show affection after getting jealous. I give him so much space and he’s crossing the line here. He is a very dark, emo guy and he likes to keep things to himself. Previously he dated this girl who was really possessive and fake and she totally crushed his heart. We were just having a senior-junior relationship then but he was crying so much telling me he loved her and so on. soon he got over it and we were closer than ever, he started teasing me in a romantic way and asked me to be his girlfriend after my dance rehearsal. I did have feelings for him as we spent more time tgt but i knew he was gg to change back to the guy who doesn’t give a shit about anything. So i said yes. We looked at each other differently in school and there were sparks everywhere. However, there were some really bad times when he got mad over something and vented it on me. It was the first time seeing him so mad, he had turned a little violent. Though I am taller than him and can do martial arts, but i didn’t know how to react to that, I did not want to start a fight. It was the first time he cursed at me and I got so mad and scared. I never want him to be so down and mad again, he seemed like a totally different person. Im not sure how to maintain our relationship but im sure that i would never give up on him.

  4. libra girl (20) been with a sag man (22) for 5 years. we were intensely close within the first few months of meeting then an unexpected sever situation happened that affected the both of our lives and our feelings and relationship with each other but a year & a half later after being on & off strictly sex we became extremely close all over again. together everyday living together joint at the hip. though it wasnt all roses & gold he was definitely disrespectful and flat out mean. the emotional damage was severe on my end but i must accept my wrongdoings as well. through all the bs at 5 years we still come back to each other and forgive, forget and simply enjoy bein together. when together we cant go without feeling each other, I love how affectionate he is. being 2 years younger and an air element I never understood my emotions and feelings up until maybe a year or so ago, so that only helped me understand myself. he always said im not there for him emotionally & i could never understand that because of all the emotional damage he’d put me through. but that was at 18 & 20 now after a few harder bumps in the road we still can come back and love each other for simply who we are. he met another sag within the year when we were on a break & im havin extreme anxiety & jealousy issues bc my love for him is so deep i cant stand to see someone else love him. i put up with everything stuck by him through EVERYTHING even shed blood behind this man. i simply cannot let him go. i want him to myself without even wanting him in such a serious relationship sense. he said im forever his best friend & i truly believe that. i hope theres someone who can relate and even share some insight on my relationship im still trying so hard to figure out. whether ima let it go or fight for him because being a libra I never do that. i always let shit go like **** it. yes ive become extremely emotional (not typical for a libra or any air element) but i blame myself for even letting him get so close to this sag girl. he would never let me get serious with someone else like he is & that shit fucks me up. he is my soulmate and though it might not last forever just the 2 of us i know we’ll always be one.

  5. I am a Sagi guy and I just met this libra girl. In my life I have met many girls and have friend zoned a lot of them however this one is just magical. I don’t even know how to say it in a way that is as beautiful as she is but everything feels so magical with her. We hangout sometimes and I always loose count of how many hours I have spend with her, just talking.

    Her body, soul attracts me like nothing I have felt before. I am a very egoistic sagi however for her I am trying to change. Actually she teaches me a lot of things, I feel dumb sometimes! but it makes me feel better, I like my girls to be smart. I wish we could materialize this into something more serious but I can’t ignore the facts of life. She is younger then me, actually there’s about 10 years of age difference and for that reason I have been holding back myself. Anyways, I feel lucky to have met this girl and at least now I know what it means to be crazy for someone.

    If I don’t see her for long, I go crazy.


  6. Met a Sagittarius..and yes I am a LIBRA..and the sexual attraction was strong..but his arrogance was too much for me. We were having a sexual relationship and all was well until his friend started talking to my home-girl and that is when the BS all started! He constantly would ask if I liked him until and I would tell him “no” until I finally caved in and told him “yes” just to shut him up and it was obviously just to stroke his ego because when I asked him the same question he was like “no”. What confused me is “if you did not like me then why are we even having this conversation? Lets stay on track with our sexual relationship..” He was emotionally confused and draining as well. He loved arguing and felt that I thought he was mentally inferior to me because I would not argue with him. Over looking the fact that when we met up was normally at 10 at night..smh! And the first Sagittarius that I spoke to at 16 trapped me. So I am convinced that I am just a different kind of Libra because I do not get along with sag’s outside of sex. Also both shared other similarities in that they were born in the same year and both Porto Rican and Black..maybe that have a moderating affect on my results with this sign ..

  7. As a Sagittarius male, my experience has been very close to how this archer is described by most astrologers. First and foremost, freedom to go anywhere, anytime, without any restriction is paramount. Next, is minimizing monotonous, boring, routine chores. I like to fix it once and then move on. If I have to come back and fix it again, it drives me nuts. This will certainly lend itself to the procrastinator stigma, since I would rather do it perfect and right the first time, even if it takes me ten years to get around to it. This is not always possible in a relationship, so I try and compromise, but not without resistance.

    If I am restricted from following my whims, goals, or interests I tend to feel caged and then enter into what feels like a long excruciating walk in a dry desert where my soul evaporates faster than it replenishes. I feel myself becoming more and more removed, disinterested, and generally depressed, until I just cannot take it anymore, and I leave. I sincerely feel that I cannot contribute anything positive in this condition, and I will most likely be a detriment to the relationship, so I finally admit that, and as painful as it may be, I save us both by leaving. I cannot change, for without carefree frolicking through the fields, exploring anything and everything, I am nothing. I would rather be dead, then to have the very spirit that is me, drained empty. Who would want to be with an empty husk?

    During all my relationships, I never once cheated. I did flirt, which, according to my significant others, was the same. In all fairness to them, it is not really good form to show any special attention to anyone other than your special someone, otherwise she would not be special. This is the root of most problems between the Sagg and his partner.

    For me, it goes like this: I love nothing more than being happy, bringing happiness, kindness, positive energy, fun. I enjoy being the one that made you happy, or uplifted, or relieved you of your burdens, even if for just a moment. I am in heaven the instant you smile because of me. The label of “attention gluttons” that you hear or read from others is wrong. I don’t need attention. I want to be the one who made the interesting, positive, uplifting impression on you, and because of that, you feel better about yourself after having met me. Because I encourage everyone, I naturally attract attention, and those that comment otherwise are misguided. I am far from being an attention whore; If I wasn’t involved in having a positive effect on your life, then I don’t want the attention. There are plenty of competitors for negative influences on someone. Some of those will stoop to ridiculous levels to gain attention. They can have it. They are the attention whores. I only want the thrill of being a real treat. I will go to great lengths to try and get you to feel better about yourself, even at the risk of making a fool of myself. If I sense any indication, from your encounter with me, that you take away something positive, happy, special, then for me, I am thrilled and consider myself a success. But, this is where it gets a little tricky.

    This same philosophy applies equally to both males and females. The males? No problem. This usually ends with an, “Okay man. You are a pretty cool dude. Enough already.” And we all laugh for a while. For the females, which are naturally more appealing to me, I think I may try and see just how far I can push the fun. Shooting for her to open up and relax and show some sign of, “Wow, this guy brings out the best in me.” At that point, I accomplished what I came for, but this not only got her to smile, it left her wanting to know more. Then what happens is she naturally develops a desire to be around that kind of charisma and if you are in a relationship where your partner is uncertain about herself or you, for that matter, bad things will start to seep into your after-hours talks with your significant other.

    So, when I have been captured by someone special to me, I try to keep a foot over the brake pedal whenever meeting with the opposite sex. If I sense that some interest has developed, I move to try and curb any further advancements. If I am not in a relationship, I roll with the fun, and where ever that leads, so be it, as long as no one gets hurt.

    Often, overlooked is the Sagg’s sense of loyalty. Do not mistake his desire to tip-toe through the tulips, climb every mountain, sail every ocean, and smell every pretty flower as flighty. Through better and worse, in sickness and in health, once committed a Sagg is committed to only one person. Yes he will disappear and go explore everything. Yes, he will have female friends that love him. His male friends will love him as well. He will always come back home to his special someone. Unless the atmosphere changes to the point where he no longer feels loved, or he is chained so heavily that he loses all that makes him he, you will have this Sagg until death do you part.

    • This makes me really want to ask your opinion on what is going on with me and “my” sag… We get along amazingly, we have only had 1 truly bad argument, the rest is petty BS or we’re just debating to have fun (play arguments). I have always asked where we stood, but he will never give me a straight answer, which i hear is very contradicting to the sag nature. He is, however, an introverted Sagittarius, as i am an introverted Libra. This does NOT mean he’s quiet or dull, he’s just very reserved until he knows someone well enough, then he’s a rambunctious sag everyone hears about (he isn’t like this so much in public. He socializes a bit, but when he would play his metal shows, if i was around, he’d always find me and ask if i was ready to leave, so we’d leave and go hang out at his house). For the longest, if he got drunk enough, he’d joke about me having his kids, but would quickly say he was joking once he sobered up (once he even said he loved me, and very quickly shot that down, almost to an insulting degree). I was telling him about how much surrogate mothers get paid and he took that as me implying i wanted kids, and offered to be the father of my kids. I thought he was joking, so i laughed about it and he got really sad and ignored me for a day. Next time we talked, i apologized and explained why i said it, and said i knew he was joking, to which he said he wasn’t, and said it was ok, he’d just go donate sperm and hope one day he’d see the fruits of his loins. Since then, i agreed to have his kids, but it’s weird… I was under the impression he just wanted me having them, since we’re just friends (i think…). He makes it very clear we’re at least friends. He labels is as friends very often. But when i said I’d just have his kids and be on my way, he got super depressed and said that a kid needs both parents and even asked me to move in with him, even if i don’t have his kids, to better my life. I’m not bright when it comes to feelings, but that sounds like more than “friends” to me….
      He has since gone thru a lot and will have to move houses. He moved from my state to one far away, so he’s been talking about moving me in with him for months now. A few nights ago, he called me and said something that had me under the impression that he didn’t want me moving in with him and he changed his mind about me having his kids. I wished him the best of luck, and he told me nothing had changed about me moving or having his kids, he just doesn’t want to not be able to provide for the people under his roof and be “that a**hole”. Lately, if i ask what we are or where i stand, i get, “no one’s been sleeping next to me…” If he has feelings, why can’t he just tell me? Does he even have any, or am i just reading too far into things? Love the guy, but he’s so hard to decipher…. I just don’t want to find out I’m wasting my time if he’s just playing me, but being that I’m 2000 miles away, i don’t see why he WOULD play me when he could easily find someone else to replace me…

    • well im a libra woman and have had just one sagg man in my life. I up to this day dont understand him. He wants to be with any woman he choses and do it right infront of my face and when i leave him alone with what he is doing, he accuses me of having another man and cheating on him when in reality it just really breaks my heart to see him with another woman, or two or even three. I spend most of what we were in mostly crying.
      He left two years ago – i left him at home one morning and when i got home his clothes and suitcases were all gone. Ive never heard from him again until two years later which is this year where his sister called me telling me that he is asking for me. He got into some trouble overseas and his only thought in my opinion out of the many women he has was me and he came back home. I took him back after yelling and screaming at him because he just abondoned me when i was at my lowest and weakest because of him and because he fell down he expected me to take him back after two years(i did)because i still loved him. Things was ok at first and then he started being an asshole sagg man again going around with lots of lady’s right in my face. I went home to my family for a few days and when i came home he accused me of cheating on him with someone when what i really needed was space and to be with my family who was there for me when he left the first time.
      This time he left right on my birthday. I didnt even know he was leaving. I woke up and saw him packing and all i could do was cry – he was so cold and without feeling. As if i wasnt even standing there. The first time he left was easier for me because i never saw him. This time was too hard. He never even said good bye. he just took his suitcase and his ride came.
      I see him online at times but i say nothing – lol he on facebook telling every woman on it how sexy they are-typical sagg men – always looking for better & running back to who they thought is going nowhere.
      I made sure i moved from where i live because i know he will be back and i dont want to see him ever again and i need to do myself a favor and save my tears.
      I just never get why he do these things to hurt and humiliate me,take off whenever to some other country & would call everyone in his family asking if they have seen or heard from me and wants to turn up back in my life whenever to do the same thing over again. These men are not men they are boys and should stay home and live with their mommy. This man always telling me to do whatever he says and all will be well – but he never understood that he not my husband and dont even reserve the right to tell me to do what he says. This man is too jealous and that just weird too – he saw me talking with my cousin and he get jealous and upset saying its my man and he knows that he is my family – i never knew sagg men could be jealous. He use to go out every night & would just go to bed – sometimes he dont even come come home at all – but when he does he expects me to be there. Sometimes he is gone for days and he never calls but he expects me to be there when he gets home. I just dont get sagg men but i know i dont want him back

      • Yes. I am a Libra woman and my Sag was head over heels for me, but he was always insecure and scared of losing me because he thought i was so beautiful. He was so jealous he ended up cheating on me. I found him in bed with my best friend since high school. I cut him off cold turkey, and he still sends messages begging to take him back.

  8. I met my Sagittarius man when I was 15 and had a bad crush on him. He is 5years older than me and at the time he had a girlfriend. Even with the age difference and his relationship status we became really close. Evidently we began to cross the line and I wanted him to be my first but, I was scared and never took it further. He eventually left for the military and I finished high school and moved. Last August he walked in my job and immediately he smiled a smiled that melted my heart. We both was more than happy to see each other and exchanged numbers. From that moment on I have fallen right back in love with him. It’s amazing how open I have been this man…I never been so willing to be naked emotionally to a man. He made love to my mind way before he made love to me. He told me he been around the world and never met a woman like me…I was always his one that got a way. Now we are in a situationship which means no definite relationship status have been confirmed yet he hates when I try to friend zone him. He tells me I over think things all the time but I mainly be trying to understand what direction we are going in because he possess so much of my heart and mental energy. Sometimes his comments hurt my feelings but I don’t let it slide I just make him aware of his arrogance and phrasing. I can be so gentle with him even when he is being a jerk but if it was someone else I would have cut them off. I never been the submissive type but with him it’s easy. The only thing I would say is wrong with him is his pride…he is too proud to admit he love me but, wants to be a fixture in my life. It has been a true emotional roller coaster but I know that the end result is worth it. I’m going to marry him.

  9. My boyfriend is a Sagittarius and I am a Libra. We met at a nightclub and have been inseperable ever since. It’s hard to believe how fast we fell for eachother, because as a Libra I like to ease into relationships rather than jump into them. And oh it is love. Oh, how I love that Sagittarius man! For every character fault he finds in himself he finds an equal and opposite trait in me. We complete eachother in a true sense. Some say Sagittarius men are secretive, and in a way he is, but not in the sense that he’s unfaithful. He is very faithful, brutally honest, which is also a downfall. Nothing is perfect, my Sagittarius man’s honesty causes conflict simply because it makes me worry. Would it be better left unsaid? I’m not sure. The scales always appreciate honesty. I found my soulmate… I want to marry this man! But we’ve only met some weeks ago and I already know this for sure

  10. I met “my” Sagittarius guy a year ago at a concert (that he was playing in). A band member that i was friends with invited me to their house to hang out, then i was ignored by everyone, except this Sagittarius. We hit it off amazingly and i spent almost the entire night/morning (the show was at night) just hanging and talking to him. I’m a very shy Libra, but for some reason, he was easy to approach and talk to (even though the Sagittarius guy approached me). We hung out since then, we’ve certainly had our ups and downs and we’ve been thru hard times together. He is a bit secretive, has a bad temper (but rarely gets angry) and i think i actually make him jealous without meaning to, but otherwise, things are great. I don’t know that we’re “together”, there has been no confirmation, but we are always together and do togethery things. I know for sure the Sagittarius hasn’t slept around since I’ve been around and he seems fine with “settling” for just me. He admitted to wanting kids with me, despite saying otherwise for months. I let him do his own thing and he seems to prefer i constantly be around, regardless. Even if we aren’t together, this is the best “relationship” I’ve ever been in. Almost our entire charts are in compatible signs and it seems like we are mentioned in each others charts. Spooky, but i believe it. I really upset and hurt him accidentally, and the Sagittarius forgave me for it. If we argue, 20 minutes later, we’re both trying to take the blame and apologizing. He is very sweet (usually in a cocky way, that i like), extremely considerate, and we can talk very easily (seriously…. There are basically no forbidden subjects, no matter how unorthodox, secret or random). I hope this continues and keeps getting better; it’s been a fun ride so far! πŸ™‚

  11. I’ve been an avid astrologer for well over five years. I am a Sagittarius male (5 Planets in Sag, including Sun, Moon, my Vertex and Psyche) and I am typically attracted to water signs. Having had my heart broken really badly by a Cancer woman, I was bound and determined to use astrology to find a suitable long term partner (I’m not a ‘player’ and dating has no appeal to me). So I must have analyzed 50+ synastry charts and dated 6+ women over the last few months. Finally about to give up, I found the most lovely creature… a Libra. Our sun signs are within 2″ and so its almost a perfect sextile. All I can say is: I’m not the type to give up my freedom easily. But I told her I love her on the first date (I’ve never done that in my life… AND that I wanted to marry her!)… I couldn’t help myself! The emotional understanding and rapport is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced; she is so smart and she’s not ruled by Venus, she IS Venus! Astrology is wonderful and especially in the capacity of finding a marriage partner. Out of all the women I have dated, a Libra woman, for a Sagittarius man is out of this world. I will marry her.

    • Hi. I am a Libra girl, currently talking with Sagittarius guy n its been like 6-7 we r seeing each other. He is straight forward, honest jolly person. I like spending time with him. The Sagittarius said that he likes me, compliments me n wants to communicate with me in different way (on n off) but i feel that the Sagittarius is not serious about me. He acts casually in front of his friends than he is with me. Talks with lots of girls, might even flirt but i don’t give a damn about. He proposed me for marriage once in most random way that I didn’t feel anything at all..I don’t know what i should be doing now … is it worth waiting for a Sag guy?

        • I am a sagittarius man who is in love with a libra girl at my work place. We have known each other for 6 months, have had really good chemistry as friends and I feel like our souls connect perfectly. I recently proposed to her saying that ‘I really like her’ but she replied saying that ‘we are just friends’. Now I feel so guilty for being so honest and straightforward with her coz now we don’t even talk properly. I feel like such a horrible person. Does anyone have any advice for me to save this friendship? PS: I still love her and don’t think that the feeling would go away very soon.

  12. Yes is so true I am a Libra woman & I swear I’m a Sagittarius male magnet! My best friend (female), my high school first love, now happily married to a Sagittarius man. When I was single I would attract a lot of Sagittarius men. Don’t know what is it but there’s a hidden chemistry.

  13. I am Libra Woman met a Sagittarius Man couple months ago very nice, sweet, compassionate, Love making is awesome, we are both very compatible, he is a little secretive not sure if that’s how they are other than very sweet guy. Still dating him hoping for long term.

  14. Ok so I absolutely adore this amazing man. Extremely intelligent, extremely gentle, fantastic communicator, amazing people skills, sweet, witty, caring, humorous, fair-minded, open-minded, fun, and very very polite and kind. And there’s an innocence to this Sagittarius and an edge. I feel the care, the connection and the chemistry with him. And I feel the Sagittarius deeply senses and likes all that someone can like in a Libra woman. I feel this chemistry between us even in a crowded room just sensing he is over there. Things have been kept normal because we are strong, sensible, and know our boundaries. I try. The Sagittarius is taken. So. No go there. I just keep pushing this feeling away everyday. I cannot express to him anything of this sort. I cannot disturb the friendship we do have. I always want to keep it nice, caring, and cordial with him. Can be so much more if given the chance, but maybe only in another life. And I only recently came to know he is a Sagittarius. The Sagittarius and Libra compatibility charts and qualities are very accurate.

    • I feel your pain!!! I am a Libra women so in love with my best friend of 8 years but i think he is still in love with his ex. Its far past just a sexual thing. Its as if he meets my soul. Trying to be a cool Libra πŸ™‚

  15. I am a Libra women in love with a Sagittarius man. There is the connection alright. Crazy like he can read my mind. I try to hide what’s going on inside my real thoughts, or feelings, but it is like he can tap into my head. The Sagittarius is always straight with me.

  16. I’m a Libra lady and I swear I’m in love with my Sagittarius crush. Everything feels way to natural and as soon as we sit to speak and hang out we feel a sense of comfort!! It’s so weird, it’s amazing. He makes me feel good and comfortable. He also stated that I made him melt. The Sagittarius loves the way i am and vise versa.. This match gets 10 stars from me.. I love the fact he’s not shy at all and he’s crazy outspoken! I tell him he has no filter all the time.

  17. I am a Libra woman met a Sagittarius man couple months ago, was not looking to meet anyone. Sagittarius lovemaking is amazing always have me crying for more (visa versa)we are both very passionate and intellegent signs and I do hope this will be longterm this is exactly what I am looking for.

  18. I am so in love with my Sagittarius man I am a Libra woman he is the most romantic n.loving man I have ever met. He makes my liver quiver my he has me mind body n soul. We have split up and I always come back this time its forever nothing else compare to my love for him.

  19. I am a Libra woman talking to a Sag male. It’s been only a couple of months but the experience so far has been amazing. I can truly say I’ve fallen for him. He’s so easy to talk to and get along with. He makes my heart skip a beat, and when he’s not around I literally get weak. I crave him. We satisfy each other in every sense of the word. It’s amazing.

  20. I’m Libra woman in a relationship with a Sagittarius man. He found me when I wasn’t looking, and we both were intensely floored by this fantastic connection. Very openhearted conversation, it’s like we’ve known each other since before and this is our reunion. We complete each other perfectly and we have everything in common, it’s mind-blowing! We are sticking together.

  21. I’m a Sagittarius man, I’m in a relationship with a Libra woman, one word. Perfect:) its hard to explain but, she is the one. Everything is good, the communication is great, totally honest with each other. I never thought love was real, but its real. This Libra woman completes me. And the weird thing is we haven’t known each other that long. But when we are together its poetry. Like we just have this connection i can’t explain, but we know its there. If others could feel the way we feel i think the world would be a better place because I’m in heaven right now.

    • Blind side…I feel your pleasure. I have befriended a Sagittarius male. Didn’t plan on meeting anyone at my most recent gathering, but I finally met him face-to-face. The chemistry is undeniable but due circumstances, I feel that he dismisses our potential together as a fluke and since I am not the pressuring kind, I simply allow things to reveal itself…in time. We chat literally for HOURS when we are together. The intimacy is magnetic and the sex is explosive! I am praying for the best which seems to be what you have found. Blessings to the two of you. C

  22. These two signs are perfect for each other. I am currently in a relationship with a Libra man and I got the feeling that this will last for a long time. We have our differences from time to time, but we always find a way to work it out. This relationship was meant to be from the first date on. Sex is great, and I love the attention that I get from my Libra. Sagittarius and Libra is definitely a great love match. 5 stars for this pair!

    • I’m a sagittarius man and my AMAZING LIBRA LADY suprised me by proposing to me last night. We were on and off for a while but now its great. The connection between us is almost heaven sent.

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