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Compatibility Sagittarius and Libra

Compatibility Sagittarius The Libra woman and Sagittarius man make a very special connection. The two are almost perfect for each other. The Libra woman has very good taste and prefers antiques and high-quality items. This fits perfectly with the Sagittarius males’ love of traveling and exploring. These two signs share many things in common like philosophizing and studying nature in general.

Compatibility Libra Another thing that the Libra woman and Sagittarius man have in common is their love of parties and social functions. The two usually meet at a dinner party, company outing, or nightclub. Libra and Sagittarius make friends easily and can understand each others needs. The Libra woman senses a feeling of needing space in the Sagittarius male and can respond without smothering him. These two signs can harmonize their relationship easily because they sense what the other needs.

In the bedroom, Libra and Sagittarius can make magic. They have ways of connecting that although they are different, still complements the other. Libra and Sagittarius sense when one needs affection or when the other is hurting. Being intimate and having sex is their way of healing each other. Behind closed doors, they can give each other what they need the most. Communicating is important to both of them and talking while being intimate is important.
They will spend hours talking about life, love, and friends. They will go for cruises, vacations overseas, and look for lost treasures. Mysteries intrigue both the Libra and the Sagittarius and together they work out puzzles and problems. This could be why the two work so well together.