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Compatibility Scorpio and Pisces

Compatibility Scorpio The relationship between a Scorpio and Pisces is out of this world. These two are made for each other. They are both emotional people, share kind, caring traits, and connect on a level unknown by others. Scorpio and Pisces are soul mates and attracted sexually from the start. They ignite creative passion and romance within each other creating beautiful, lasting memories that they will cherish forever.

Compatibility Pisces The Scorpio woman is very emotional, intense, and very faithful to her lover. She will not cheat on the Pisces man and she will always show him her love and devotion. This makes him open up more and more and allow her into his creative, dreamy world.
The Pisces man is often lost in a semi-conscious state. He is apt to be daydreaming during their first date but that’s not usually a deterrent to the Scorpio woman, she seems to know that this is his usual personality and digs deeper to see what she can find inside him. The Scorpio woman then offers to help the Pisces man create and plan the dreams he shares with her. This can work beautifully and many creations can come from their relationship.

In the bedroom, Scorpio and Pisces are magnetic. They cannot stay away from each other. The Scorpio has to have a bond with the Pisces. They will spend hours in intense, erotic love making. They spend time giving body massages, having sex in the shower, and hours kissing and touching each other. In bed, the Scorpio and Pisces flourish and grow. They become emotionally attached on a level that many cannot understand and this can cement the relationship. Scorpio and Pisces are a love match made in heaven.

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  1. Hi I’m a Scorpio woman missing my dear Pisces.. We met in middle school, but waited til we were grown to explore each other…I loved him at a young age but just couldn’t express it out of fear that it might make him swim away. Recently we reconnected. Things we going good when in each others presence but it was when we left each other he would not respond to calls or text…so this Scorpio was not happy to say the least…He apologized, we made up and two weeks later he did the same thing..ignored me. This Pisces said we were more than friends, said I was his counter part, asked me to open up completely and disappeared on me.. If he was feeling like he said he was why the mixed signals??? PS I miss him… Can I get my Pisces to talk to me again??? I really miss him and confused as to why he left me hanging after he asked me to open up to him emotionally

    • Hi love. I believe in horoscopes but in some cases the signs really are redundant. His behaviour is just not acceptable you deserve better than a man who cannot treat you the way you deserve. He should not be ignoring you. And if he’s done it twice now? Uh uh. Babe you can scoot away from the pond and let this one swim free because you can do better i promise.

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  3. I was wondering though. What if i include the chinese zodiac signs also.
    I am a Scorpio Male Rat
    for Example a Scorpio Rat and a Pisces Ox

    I was wondering what kind of change this will make though

  4. I am 16 and in high school. Last year around March, i was dating a Virgo when my Pisces came into my life. But i never really talked to him. Only in summer school when i sat in a table with Virgo and Pisces and my good Aquarius friend. A few weeks later, Virgo cheated on me with multiple girls that he met online, i belive it may have to do with a death in his family, but we broke up. Ive been single since. Just last Sunday, we strted talking and i just opened up to him which was scary. Its not something i do but i felt it was ok. Honestly i didnt really think he would ever talk to me because he has completely different friend groups. And i was sort of wanting too get back with my saggittarius ex that i dated before Virgo but holy shit i fell in love with Pisces instantly. We have only walked for a few days, almost all hours in the day and night but our feelings are sooooo intense and insane and we both feel we were ment to be. Im so exited to see how things progress. I know im young but i know he’s the one.

  5. I’m a Pisces girl (with a Scorp moon) and was talking to a Scorpio guy off a dating app. I didn’t find out he was a Scorpio till after, but something about him drew me in. After a week of chat, he sent a few messages and deleted me, so I never got the chance to read those messages (only say notifications). Now fast forward a whole year and I can’t stop obsessing about this guy. Should I track him down to at least get closure? Thoughts anyone?

  6. Scorpio woman here, recently married to my pieces man, my soul mate.. He’s 12 years older than me but you’d never guess it, I desire maturity because I have an old soul myself, I’m 24 but act more like I’m 40 so there’s a perfect balance there. He’s the most understanding, kind hearted, affectionate, soft but not too soft, humorous person I have ever met! I get the emotional side I need but also an interesting side, a funny side that keeps me laughing for days. I never got along with any other signs, I truly believe the pieses is made for the Scorpio & vise versa, he continually tells me I’m his dream woman & he can’t believe thar I even exist. 3 years together & he still gives me butterflies, & I feel like I’ve been with him for a lifetime, the comfort we have with each other is out of this world! He’s very open about who he sees beauty in & who he doesn’t female wise & at first I couldn’t stand it being the jealous Scorpio I am but now I see that it’s completely innocent, he’s just that comfortable with me that he feels he can literally say whatever is on his mind & I feel the same way, I now tell him if I agree or not & also feel comfortable enough speaking of guys in that sense & he tells me if he agrees or not haha! As long as his heart, body, & interest are mine his eyes can admire beauty, hell I do, I think everyone does plus I have so much confidence thanks to my man, I always have but he truly makes me feel like a goddess, jealously doesn’t show up anymore which is strange since that’s an emotion I had always been used to. & the love making, it’s the most passionate, exciting, never ending experience each time, it’s like we become one person & it’s been like that from the very beginning. I just love everything about my pieses man & he loves everything about his Scorpio woman, we are indeed a match made in heaven ❀️

    • Of course, if not how could a scorpio woman remember her Pisces man after 40 years, vividly every inch of himself- moods, clothes worn on that specific occasion, body language etc?

  7. I like all your love stories, I’m a Pisces man the answer to why the Pisces man didn’t say nothing to you. He’s just not in love with you give him something to love about you. He won’t be in love at first but when he does fall in love he will let you know. I Pisces being over emotional lol when the Scorpio females feelings are hurt he will show his love. When she is mad only he can cool her sting. If she were feeling down he would be sad with her. But he would so so much for her for them to be happy again. Cuddling reading her favorite book with her do all he can do to see her happy. She’s his life he loves her and if he’s wise he will wait for her. To be the independent person she wants to be. Leave her wild and she will love forever.

  8. u cn still flirt with him indirectly, bt dn’t message him again. it doesn’t make sense to me. just be a bold nd confident scorpio, nd he will be drawn to u without even knowing the reason himself. Goodluck with that….

  9. hi I’m in a relationship with a Scorpio man im unhappy I want to break up with Scorpio man as I have met a Pisces man I’m sexually mentally into him but scared if I break up with Scorpio Pisces wont want me I think about Pisces man we haven’t had sex as im not into cheating I really want to be with Pisces it feels like love like forever I want to make passionate love to him but don’t want to get used for sex, Pisces is single heeellllppp

    • I’m a Scorpio myself and all I have to say is this. Do you think that your Pisces is emotionally ready for you? Keep that in mind.

  10. I’m a Scorpio woman and I met my pisces in high school when I was 15 he was older a senior or junior I think I was skipping with a classmate she told me she thought he was cute so I said hey boy I like your dreads and when he looked at me I just got weak and nervous I couldn’t speak I wanted to run ever since then he would track me down and all that but I was going through family problems so I had to leave I didn’t get to say goodbye to him. At the time I didn’t know about the Scorpio and Pisces thing so a few years go by I make a Facebook page and he finds me adds me and he asked did I remember him turns out I was probably about an hour walk away from him it was summer so it was super hot. He walks from his house to where I was to see me Something no guy ever done for me he asks me out so we dating I tell my father an my father doesn’t approve because of our age difference so between me and him things go south I delete him off Facebook delete his number a few months go by I hear his in a new relationship and they are having a baby together I always picture his first child with me so I was hurt but I got over it because I met a girl she was a Gemini she ended up cheating on me we break up and he sends me a friend request we poke each other but never say anything we talked a few times but that’s it . Here it is I’m now 18 and out of high school since may and his now 21 we both single I can’t stay away from him I been in love with him for so long we are waiting till my 19 birthday to make our relationship official but it may be before that my father really doesn’t approve now but I don’t care

  11. I’m a Scorpio woman. I read all these things about how Scorpio and Pisces are the best match and all that jazz, nothing better and what not. But it baffles me, I can’t handle someone more emotional than me, someone that doesn’t know how to make me feel better. Instead just sits there being upset at the fact I’m upset, so I have to cheer him up for being upset with the fact I’m upset? So who’s there for me. Myself. Wow. The fact they easily influenced by others and I’m not, it’s strange. I prefer people that has a strong mindset and their own person like me, who can think for themselves. So typically I could only think of one match made me for. Which is a Scorpio man. Meets everything I desire. The connection is insane, just pure and truly once in a life time.

    • They aren’t necessarily more emotional or more prone to sadness. Pisces are just more curious and sometimes just a bit more open about themselves. Some are great (really strong and capable people when you get to know them), some are terrible (real scumbags in society and can be whiny). Take it from a person who has actually dealt with a few.

      • Also no. You don’t have to cheer up a Pisces when they are upset. The Pisces will more likely cheer you up when your sad. It’s called emotional empathy. It’s like when you have a deceased family member you loved or readying for a scary moment in a movie. They just get it. Doesn’t mean they will fall apart just like you would in the scenario. I think you misconstrued what is said about Pisces.

  12. I’m a Pisces man I fell in love with a Scorpio women how could you not if your a Pisces man you will not know what you like about her at first no such thing as love at first sight for a Pisces man but it will hit you that she is the greatest thing that will ever happen to you and you will split the sea and walk through for your true love. Dear Pisces men know Scorpio women like there freedom when there young so if your in love let her know how you feel and wait her she will always be well worth the wait.

    • Wowwww omggg!!!!! Me and your story are similar!! Lol except my Pisces wanted me in high school but i dissed him because i wasn’t into relationships at that time just being a goofball..after i moved to another state,4 years go by then i finally move back in town and we reunited and it was so wonderful then we dated,until he end up telling me he was engaged then that’s when everything just shut out.i was so hurt because i felt like we was on top of the world smh..i cried when he told me he couldn’t talk to me anymore because of her..but hell i couldn’t help myself i was still seeing him afterwards..then later that week he tells me that she’s pregnant.smh i wasn’t for sure if i still wanted to keep his number or nor smh.but we still can’t leave eachother alone,,the connection is so strong and unbreakable..So yes girl me and you are going through it right now but hey one day it will get better.Thanks for sharing your story:)

  13. I met a Pisces guy almost a year ago at school, and we only ever talked once, but I don’t know… to me it felt like we were on the same wavelength, like I would think about seeing him in the hallways and then 2 seconds later he would be there… I want to talk to him and get a relationship going and I messaged him on Facebook once and he read the message and did not respond. I don’t know if I should message him again or just let him be… Help?? What should I do?

  14. I am a young Scorpio woman who always had trust issues and stayed in bad relationships most of my life. Three years ago my brother died and I moved to another city, after a while I noticed a guy who I just wanted. After a couple of weeks he was mine, but I didn’t realize that the reason I wanted this guy was because he reminded me of my brother. Both were two troubled “teens” and maybe I felt that I could save this guy, and make up for not being able to save my brother.
    The guy I was together with was a Virgo, it became so destructive. He had some alcohol issues and I became like his mom..
    Always fighting, never being able to talk, bad sex.. But I am so loyal that I stayed almost 2 years.. He was also two years younger than me, maybe docent sound that much, but I was a mature 21 year old Scorpio and he was an addictive 19 year old Virgo with a very careless attitude.
    He had a friend who I met a couple of times, we really got along well. I even tried to hook him up with my best friend (thank good nothing happened).
    When me and the Virgo finally broke up, something inside me wanted to contact this friend.. Lucky me, I had a reason since he had given me his watch a couple of months earlier, to help him change battery..
    When I met him the first time he was really polite and friendly.. I wanted more! But my pride was holding me back. Weeks went by and one Saturday we were at the same party. We talked until the morning and when I was going home he asked if he could join. I fell asleep in his arms on my sofa..
    We only hung out for 3 weeks, and then I moved to another country because of work. We had contact the first month and he was coming to visit me he said, but because of work he never did and to protect my pride I acted like nothing and I let it fade away.. Now, 4 months later I cant let it go. My hole being wants this Pisces man..
    We have contact now again and are planning to meet soon. I just hope hits not all talk from his side, but he actually wrote me that he feels like the universe have something planned out for us.
    Cant wait to have him next to me and find out if I meet my soul mate. He gets me and that is amazing because I don’t even get me.
    This is the first time I’m not controlling with a guy and I don’t bother to think about how things are suppose to be. I want him no matter how!

    I found a nice saying

    And I’d choose you;
    in a hundred lifetimes,
    in a hundred world,
    in any version of reality.
    I’d find you and
    I’d choose you.

  15. I’m a Scorpio woman and God blessed me with a wonderful Pisces man as our love is magical, real and true i believe everything said I’m this zodiac article, talk about a gentleman Scorpio woman cuff yourself a Pisces man because you sure would have found your true soul mate we crazy in love with each other as we love hard and fight hard too.

  16. Hello I’m a Pieces male I agree completely to all of this…& I would
    Love to experience time with a Scorpio women.never met one, I always end up
    With Aquarius women :(..not a bad thing though just need something new πŸ˜‰

  17. I’m a Scorpio woman currently seeing a Pisces man. We have been dating on and off for the last 5 months. I have never been so attracted to a guy like this before. We didn’t talk or see each other for a month, I thought I lost him forever. Everyone told me to just forget him but I just couldn’t forget him. We recently reconnected, we couldn’t stay away from each other. When were together it’s like we have known each other for years. But I’m just worried he will disappear again. Any one have any advice or have had a Pisces disappear and come back?

    • I’m a pisces woman and have a scorpion crush we have known for ten years,and I have a feeling for ten years too, we don’t talk so much in eight years of our relationship, I choose to make a distance between us to make my scorpion feel about my existance,but in those years there wasn’t even a single day I stop to love my scorpion,I realize I was wrong and start to regret it every day although it seems like I dissapear,but recently we get closer again,and for this time I swear I will always beside my scorp all I want to say is if pisces choose to leave then we will never come back again, if we are come back then it means that we never leave. .

  18. Okay so I am a Scorpio woman, and I’m highly attracted to a Pisces woman. I’ve never dealt with women before but there’s something about her that I can’t get out of my head! She is a lesbian she’s more of the boyish type though. I love it, she’s so aggressive but also affectionate. And I told her I liked her but she hasn’t been to open about her feelings. She’s been hurt before and she doesn’t let anyone close to her anymore. I want to show her I can be the girl to make her want to settle down. Am I crazy? Plus she’s lives like 5 states away.

  19. I am a Pisces man,…I am also a blind person,…I too would be very interested in meeting a Scorpio woman,…It would be great to share, and give all of this love I have bottled inside to a special, deserving Scorpio woman…I am not a “casual relationship” type of guy,…guess I can count the loves in my life thus far on one hand…Since I am a blind person,…I am extremely sensitive,…but not in a bad way…I was married once to a Gemini,…who left me for another,…and a heart break that left me bitter, withdrawn, and untrusting,…guess I should been more alert?!?…None the less,…love is indeed a powerful thing,…and even when there isn’t that special Scorpio woman in my life yet,…I can feel my heart pound for her, where ever she may be…

    • Gemini is no good for most and especially not a sensitive soul like a Pisces man.
      I would also be interested in connecting with you.
      Scorpio Woman

      • I’ve been seeing a scorpio woman that is a lot younger than me. She’s my fountain of youth. My feelings for her is more stonger than her for me, which is frustrating because she’s been in a couple of bad relationships and I would do anything for her.

    • Yes, I married a Pisces man, he cheated and was caught, has been begging me back since 2001, when he cheated…..The Pisces man know the worth of a Scorpio woman…..

    • If you are blessed with a Scorpio woman that wants only you, you will learn the true meaning of devoted. Physically and emotionally out of this world, I am blessed with a Scorpio woman.

  20. Male Pisces here…I met her on a plane..30min into the flight we started to make out…6hrs into the flight I fell in love with her (too fast)…she says she doesn’t love me…I don’t believe her….we are both married to different people…each to the least compatible sign..me a Gemini, she an Aires…..we met a few times, she seems to want a fwb, I refused, she got mad…we are on 2 different continents….we text every once in a while…she ignores me often…I feel one day we will get married..I know that she also knows that…just a certain feeling I have that is unexplainable…

  21. Am a Scorpio female never been lucky 2 b in a relationship with Pisces..read about them so much though n every time i read about the compatibility of the 2 2gether it makes me feel desperate 2 have one but I’m feeling so unlucky 2 meet one as every time i go through a relationship it happens 2 b any other sign other than Pisces it ends up with a heartbreak n pain at the end n very hard 4 me 2 get along with almost all signs I’ve tried except Pisces that I’ve never tried 2 b with as haven’t met one yet..am kind of feeling desperate n helpless 2 find my best compatible love match with Pisces as according 2 all what i read about those 2 2gether is out of this world. wish me luck plz 2 find my Pisces in this big wild world. I’ve never been understood or been treated right 4m a man 4m any sign i envy all Scorpio females that got lucky 2 find their Pisces keep your Pisces girls dun lose them 4m experience with other signs they r all suck 2 scorpions.

    • I have similar experience as well and i am looking forward to explore this. I am a Pisces can we be friends and see if this really works regardless of the geographical boundaries

    • Scorpio here, been with my Pisces boyfriend for 9 Years. He is 9 years younger than me. We have broken up on and off in between those 9 years. We saw other people. But now this time it’s like never before maybe because we’re more mature but everything is better 10Xs He’s amazing. Like dating my best friend, & sex machine at the same time.

  22. Ok judge me I am waiting for it… I am a Scorpio woman who is majorly attracted to a newly married Pisces.. This is a first for me as I am usually the one that judges women like me.. So I have known him for 5 years.. We were attracted to each other from the moment we met but the Pisces was all over the place with his life and I like stability… We lost contact for the past 2 years, then I get a friend request on FB recently… He was married a year ago and he said he just can’t get me out of his mind and to be honest I am the same… We have met up and all emotions came flooding back, like I had just hit a brick wall.. It took me a long time to get past my Pisces and now I am back to square one… What do I do???

    • Wow I’m in a similar situation like you! I’m a Scorpio woman crushing hard on a Pisces male who’s been married for two years. We worked together for a few months and the attraction was so intense. I can’t stop thinking about him and I feel like we are meant to be but I don’t want to be the cause of potentially ruining his marriage. The Pisces recently left the place where I worked and I thought that would help me get over him but it hasn’t. I want to reach out to him but I don’t know if I should or just leave it? I’m hoping he’ll reach out to me.. I’m going crazy over here πŸ™ The way we stare at each other it’s like we can see each others soul.. I’ve never felt this with anyone else.. What should I do?

  23. Pisces woman here. Gosh I’m reminiscing on my fwb with a Scorpio man. I remember when I first met him, I knew I was in trouble. Things between us was pretty intense. I had to end my fwb with my Scorpio man because I fell for him and he made it perfectly clear that he didn’t want a relationship (yet he’s jealous when I’m with another guy). The Scorpio had this strong hold on me and I kept going back to him. It took me a while to end things but I had to do it.

  24. I’m a Scorpio woman && when I met this Pisces man I instantly felt a connection..he pursued me which turned me on && the fact that he was so handsome && charming I couldn’t resist..everything about his personality is sexy to me..even when the Pisces doesn’t mean to be he is!! he’s gentle..generous..funny..smart && appreciates me!! when we first made love I felt like we melted together into one person..we went for hours!! It was nothing but raw passion..&& I could feel how much the Pisces man was into me!! One thing I will always remember to be so sexy is the way he made direct eye contact with me while making love to me..nothing turns me on more!! && how much he loves my body massages..the Pisces would treat me like a princess &’ the only thing he would ask for in return was a body message!! I would never mind giving him one bc he TRULLY loved them..we had a great friendship..felt so comfortable with each other..we ended up ending our love affair bc he moved away but we still keep in touch && long to be together still

  25. I’m a Scorpio woman and i have a friend w/ benefits w/ a Pisces man. It’s only been about 4 months and he’s told me from the beginning that he’s not looking 4 a relationship. However the chemistry is so strong and i think I’m falling 4 him. The Pisces told me he has trust issues. He’s been married, has 2kids, things that were deal breakers n the past, but i can’t stop thinking about him. The sex is amazing. The Pisces has another friend and i hate it but what can i do if we’re not in a relationship?

  26. I’m a Scorpio woman involved with a Pisces man. I can’t trust him because he left his last Aquarius for me. And he makes me so happy at times but i seem to always be angry towards him i think the Pisces man losing his love for me what to do ladies how do i get him back all the way i don’t want to lose my Pisces man.

    • Go back to the beginning. Think about all the things you did to make him happy. Lots of love making and great head will bring him back.

  27. I’m a Pisces women in a relationship with Scorpio woman we have know each other for 3 years and got into a serious relationship 6 months ago! I have always been attracted to the Scorpio woman from the beginning. We have been there for each other thorough our past relationship problems and always seem to have a connection with each other unlike any other that we had with our group of friends. Being a day dreamer Pisces I couldn’t help but picture us being together. We both have always been drawn to each other. Timing just never seemed right, until 6 months ago. We both were in a place to pursue the feeling we knew we had for each other. I truly know in my heart I have found my soul mate and it makes complete sense how we were always drawn to one another all these years. The Scorpio woman has opened up to me and knowing Scorpio that is a big deal … our connection in every way in incredible … I still amazed on how deep our love is and it’s only getting deeper and stronger as time goes on ..everything you read about a Scorpio Pisces love match is dead on and I wouldn’t trade my Scorpio for anything in this world <3

  28. So I’m a Scorpio woman, whose dating a Pisces man, we’ve been dating for almost 3 years now, I recently learned he’d cheated on me for about 8 months of the beginning of our relationship. We broke it off and got back together because I’m not finished with the Pisces, I won’t be a “victim” and I’ll have the last word. I also work with a Pisces man who is to die for charming. We go back and forth pretty much every time we work together. He has a girlfriend, I have a boyfriend. What do I do? I’ve lost sleep over this guy the chemistry is disgusting and intense, how do I tell him? Or do I stay silent?

    • I am also a Scorpio dating a Pisces man and I have to say I am pretty surprised that your Pisces man cheated as you say because I assumed the majority of them are very loyal. I totally understand your need for revenge or “last word” as you mentioned. I have been there too. So, this Pisces that you work with has shown interest in you? If l read correctly, you already have some sort of “fling” going with this guy? If so, my advice is to not get involved as the Pisces man is doing this with you while he has a girlfriend then he will most likely do it to you if you end up together. And I’m sure you don’t want a repeat of your last relationship. Good luck!

    • Wow, dump your cheater, I’m a pieces male, he will be destroyed but will get over it. Your a Scorpio woman, don’t use your seductive ways on your work mate, let him come to you.

  29. I’ve recently reconnected with my Pisces man within the past month. We knew each other as children and we were drawn to each other from the beginning. So much so that we were each others first love/lover, even have a child together. After the birth of our child we parted ways, but have always been in each others thoughts. When I reached out to my Pisces to have a heart to heart, he immediately came, ‘johnny on the spot’. I can sense that we will be back together now as adults, although he is in a current relationship, the Pisces man doesn’t seem as if it will be his forever relationship. Never married nor has lived with anyone, and I know it’s because of me, of us! In short Scorpio and Pisces is truly a soul mate connection a relationship predefined!

  30. Hello i am a Scorpio woman – I have been going out with a Pisces man for about 4 years now. At the beginning he did hurt me a lot with what he said about other women and it did hurt my self esteem. It was rocky for the first two years as he has lets say had an appreciation for beauty i guess like every man. I did break up with the Pisces as Scorpios we like our men to have only eyes for us and only want us. I am head strong and do not like to be compared or feel like i am beneath any person. Anyhow the Pisces chased the Scorpio and as the years go by he respects me more an loves me more and now understands why i use to get upset. I believe as the heart grows fonder you two start to acknowledge each other on a different level and this is where true love grows and i am now engaged and i definitely could not ask for a more perfect man like my Pisces.

    • Wow, I feel like I am reading something I wrote.. We are in exactly same situations except I’m not quite there yet as far as accepting his occasional comments in the past and wandering eye. Anyways, I broke up with him a few times in the past two years because of it, each time he fought to stay with me and he won. The last time was the worst because he didn’t fight to change my mind. We stayed broken up for about two months and then he came back and as a better man, more understanding and much more attentive. I think you are right, the more time goes by and we learn about each other and feel comfortable with each other, the deeper the love gets. Was his “appreciation for beauty” all that you had troubles with?

  31. I am a Scorpio woman who back in 2011 was with a Pisces man. It was the most amazing relationship that I have ever been in. The Pisces man always had me on my toes and we could plan around, but at the end of the day the sweet, romantic, charming and sensual man came out. Unfortunately we had it a rough spot after 6 months and parted. I never stopped thinking about the Pisces though. He was always in the corner of my thoughts, even after I married my husband. Well now that 2013 has rolled around, my husband left me and who contacted me! My Pisces! Things are going great again and I wouldn’t trade my Pisces for any other man!!!!

  32. I met this Pisces man and after few years, i cant seem to stop thinking about him. I think I’ve found my soul mate. He always compliments me. The Pisces man knows exactly what to say and when to say it. I can finally say, am in love. I just pray it leads to the ultra cos i cant bear to leave him. We stay in different cities but the connection wax stronger every day. *smiles*

    • I’m a Pisces boy.. In love with a Scorpio girl… you are live in different cities… but we are live in different countries.. πŸ™‚
      I feel I love my Scorpio girl a lot.. and i can’t loose her for anything.. we’ll meet soon πŸ™‚

  33. I am a Scorpio woman and I’m trying to get the attention of a Pisces man but it doesn’t seem to be working out. When i first met him i was instantly attracted to him but I’m wondering if i should talk to the Pisces man first, we stare at each other but he hasn’t tried talking to me. What should I do? Should I talk to him first? And if I so, what should I talk about?

    • Beautiful Lady, please talk to him, go to him first and put it on the table. Why? Because men are often rejected by women even if women have fun playing that game. I know being a Pisces male I prefer she come to me, so I know she is serious, and it is “on”!! Your first step will produce positive results. So many women play games, that have men shy, numb to it, or somewhere in the process to no communication at all….A woman knows what she wants, and women watch men, our characteristics, and women prefer men who don’t have “game”…some of us are not good bullshitters, which is refreshing to women, because we are sensuous, protective, strong, alpha males just with a heart! Be prepared to be loved like crazy!!!! Go approach him please…Let me know what happens…

      • Talk to him about your interests, what he does, ask him what he likes, see if it aligns with your likes. Touch him with your hands even for a second, that means the world. Kick him with your foot along side his leg for a second also, like a mistake, but really it is not. Ask him what he dreams about, and just listen to him talk, don’t laugh or judge. Don’t smile like you are going to betray him, keep a straight face, encourage him to talk more, and you will get what you want……promise!!! keep me posted on this thread…

        • Hi there, I’m a Scorpio sun with moon and ascendent in Leo. I’ve just recently been in contact with a Pisces male and instantly got this overwhelming feeling that he could be the one, like cupid had just struck an arrow. I have dated Taurus men, Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Libra etc. but have never felt this way before. I actually had to take a step back and re-evaluate haha. I’m definitely a strong and independent Scorpio woman that likes to take the lead. I’m a big romantic at heart and love the fact that this is a common trait in Pisces men. Their sensitive, caring and creative nature really appeals to me also πŸ™‚ The Pisces made the first move initially in terms of contact details and I’ve revealed a little bit more of myself. I’m excited to see where this Scorpio and Pisces relationship goes as it really could be love at first sight. I didn’t think it was possible.

      • Pisces639 I just read what you were sharing and it gives me the last bit of hope left. I meet a wonderful Pisces man and we when on one date. I informed him I’m a very busy person and only had weekends free. Three weekends went by I was ill once, my daughter was very ill the other and third weekend it was my daughters birthday. The Pisces no longer wanted to go out with me. I asked him if he loved me he said yes. I have written so many text messages telling me I’m sorry I have called a few times the Pisces answers the phone says he’s going to call back but never does. His birthday is next month I’m going to get him a small gift that he said he loved as a child with a good bye letter. I miss the Pisces each day.

      • Yes go and talk to her… I’m a Pisces boy and i think all Pisces want woman come first and talk.. as i want. Now even in my life also same happen.. I was dream about a woman come and say me she love me.. and my dream come in reality also.. My Scorpio girl say me she love me… now we both happy so much.. even we are from different country (she live appx 10000 km away from my country) but when we communicate we don’t think we are fur away… πŸ™‚ I love her and she love me also and we both very happy ^_^

    • Well this post is old tho.
      But you are a scorpion, you can get anyone to notice you without trying for me tho.
      say hi to him today than ignore him and continue to ignore him.
      He’s a Pisces if he knows you like him, he bluff, make him think lol

      • I’ve been seeing a pisces man for about 3 months now (scorpio girl here) and I definitely had to make the first move. He didn’t know I was seducing him until we were ON THE BED. (i asked later πŸ™‚ I will move heaven and earth to keep this pisces guy mine, forever.

  34. Hi i am a Scorpio woman and i am in a friends wiyh benefits relationship with a Pisces man. when we first met 3 years ago at a party, we instintly had a thing for each other. we automatically were drawn together but never bothered in getting into a relationship together. the Pisces would always try talking to me when he was in a long term on and off relationship with his Taurus girlfriend. anyways recently they broke up its probably been a good 6 months since they’ve split but i wouldnt be suprized if they randomly got back together. me and my Pisces used to always sext and get dirty with pictures and recently weve been having sex. the sex is very satisfying, i absolutely love it. im sure he loves it too, cuz he comes quickly sometimes. Anyways my Pisces doesnt want a relationship. and now him and i barely text unless he wants to smoke or have sex. I feel as if we have a strong connection but the Pisces doesnt want me as a girlfriend. him and i are really good friends. idk what to do. i want to stop having sex with him to show him that i dont like how he communictes but then i dont want to stop becayse the sex is amazing and i always seem to forget about what i was upset at when im with him. ANY THOUGHTS? ADVICE? MUCH NEEDED. /:

  35. I’m a Scorpio woman dating a very lovable Pisces man for only two months. But he is amazing in all his splendor. He’s catering, and never ceases in making sure I’m ok on all levels! Contrary to the very short length of time we’ve been dating he is making moves toward long term plans. As a Scorpio, I am big on showing love and affection (PDA!!!!) and rest assure he follows through with it. He shows me my importance to him by asking my view on choices he going to make. Our mental space is comparable and uniquely ours. One thing is for sure, for some odd reason this doesn’t work out…..that Pisces will NEVER forget this Scorpio πŸ˜‰

  36. Hi I am a Scorpio woman for over 40 years I have known a Pisces man we lost each other over the years, and recently found each other again since then we have been walking and talking and motivate each other this brings us brings us even closer. The Scorpio and the Pisces fought, laugh, have disagreements but its fun we enjoy each other’s company even though we are miles away we don’t see each other but talk quite a bit.

  37. I am a Pisces male, how would you advise I should approach a Pisces women?or do I wait to get picked by her?
    Thanks in advance. Kal

      • Hey Kal, since I was born into Scorpio sign I’ll try to give you a clue what is Scorpio woman like. If you wanna approach Scorpio women, just make sure you’re serious. Don’t play with Scorpios because they don’t like it. Just be honest and make an intelligent chat. For me, I love so much talking to a witty man. I guess it comes like that because intelligent can make Scorpios woman believe that this man is good to handle her. Try to become a gentleman and bring her to a good chat, at least if you’re bringing her into a good talk, she’ll remember you as a good man. Good luck then!

      • Scorpio women love details, heart felt actions, and certainty! Make her feel as if she’s the only woman you eyes..hands…and soul are seeking. Be creative and charismatic on your approach. Provide such an action to get her attention that she will never forget.

  38. I am a Pisces man, I meet with a Scorpio Girl. I feel like I fall in love on her though we haven’t meet we talked with each other since 3 days. She understand me very much. Sometimes I feel like the Scorpio is ignoring me or I got hurt when she is not answering my call. The problem is she is not opening and sharing her emotions me whereas I shared most of mine. Can anyone please suggest what should be the right way to handle this situation. I don’t want to loose the Scorpio girl anyway. I got a very strong love feelings on her now I don’t know what to do. If I loose her then I may die.. Please somebody guide me. Thanks. I am Dibyendu from India. Eager to get some help.

    • To the above post. I am a Scorpio woman. I can’t speak for us all but what your saying sounds very familiar.
      I have the capability to love very deeply but it’s VERY difficult to for me to trust enough to let someone in. Also I tend to gravitate towards men with strong personalities maybe because i feel they could handle me. Like I’ve had a few Aries bf. I have dated a Pisces recently and he fullfilled me in way i never new i needed. He understood me fully.
      What i would tell you is don’t smother her (we really don’t like it) but persist. Continue showing your interest, she will be worth the wait. Rome wasn’t built in a dau

      • Leane, thanks for your kind comments, the good things we meet once and she has given few positive sign to me like she want to meet me again and she become ready to give me more time. The main problem which I am facing is when I had a chat with the Scorpio over phone I am not able to handle my emotions and by this way she got a imagination like I am a Hyper Secretive Pisces type. I think which she doesn’t like much. Secondly sometimes I sounds like boring, this happens because of when I talk with her I am not able to get better topics to talk on. She is not so open with me so she got bored after few talking. I need help like what are the things mostly Scorpio love to talk on. Plz help me further.

        • Buddy I’m Sumit also from India… just keep continue your conversation about anything she like.. ask her what she like and dislike.. first time when i started chatting with my Scorpio, she told me I’m boring after 10-15 mins of chat. but that day after 3-4 hrs of cheating she told me she like me very much.. that was the first day.. and the second day she proposed me… and she told me that she love me from the first time she seen me… We are from different countries.. she is an European. But she Love me a lot.. we will meet as soon as possible.. so buddy just keep communicate and you’ll get your Scorpio soon πŸ™‚

    • I am a Scorpio woman,, i am hard headed and stubborn. To tell you honestly, I want to be loved but the problem is it’s hard for me to trust. I don’t easily give-up especially in the name of LOVE,,. Just tell me you never love me at all rather than pretending you do because one thing I can assure you I usually plan revenge and i will never stop until you say so. Embarrassing but true. I put my man to a pedestal but just don’t betray me. I also felt jealous if you don’t answer my calls and messages.
      At first I was thinking that only a real feeling that I became obsessive but wrong because it is in my nature. That’s Usual Scorpio.

  39. Where to start. Least expected, unbeknownst to me I encountered this man, real man. His presence alone made me melt. I am a Scorpio woman and he a Pisces man (of every essence). True love, exchanged souls, difficult to leave each others aura, afraid of losing the connection that was made ever so briefly. Realized that true soul mates when connected never lose each other.

    Am I the other fish? sequare,byep

  40. First off, I just wanna say I’m a fourteen year old and I always dream about love. I have a Pisces man in my life, we’ve known ABOUT each other since we were born but we’ve never actually talked, so I don’t KNOW him. My parents and his are like siblings, not literally but I’m very close to his parents. Just not him. I’m not here to ask any questions, just wanted to put it out there, :). So I read this and I feel like I should befriend him and see how it turns out but I guess it’s kinda awkward between us involuntarily. So yeah…. :/

    • Well , where to start im a scorpio women in a relationship with pisces man when we first met i didn’t think nothing of it just thought there wasn’t going to be anything serious with between us we ended up talking all day and night next day we made plans to go to the movies but he never replied the next the day after that he kept messaging me i ignored him yet he kept trying to talk to me so i finally gave in and we started talking again we ended up seeing each other everyday all we would do is talk and talk we randomly started falling for each other 6 months pass and he lets me know he cheated the first month we started going out i asked why did he wait this long to tell me and he said cause he didn’t want to loose me i saw it as a selfish act acouple days pass and i finally forgave him but i was still hurt and started having really bad trust issues i blocked him off emotionally till he won my trust again he became really controlling and jealous to the point where he would only let me hangout with my friends if they came over i started hanging out with my friends but wouldn’t tell him he found out nd started cutting me off emotionally and would barley reply nd give me attention we’re on rocky terms right now i feel like just giving up but deep down i know we have a connection thats hard to even explain to the point of me not even knowing what it is that makes him different from everyone else we’re going on 11 months now and just hope our relationship gets better .

  41. I lost my Pisces man over 40 years and now reunited with him again although he is living in the US and I am in Canada but its been over 6 months and we have been in contact since, everyday. He is trying very hard to make up for the 40 years.

  42. I’m a Scorpio woman and I’ve met a Pisces man. He intrigues me and I cannot seem to quite figure him out. I know the reluctancy is mainly my part, but after reading other responses, I cannot wait to see how this turns out.

  43. I am a Scorpio woman and I’m currently dating a Pisces man. we been together now for almost 6 months and I’m on cloud 9 when it comes to my love for him. He’s sweet compassionate and super understanding. We dream and talk on the future as though it can happen in 2 secs. We don’t get to see each other often πŸ™ but when we do, sparks fly high and hormones get to raging and at that moment, i don’t want to ever leave his side or simply say goodbye to my Pisces.

  44. I am a Scorpio woman who has been with my Pisces man for 1 1/2 years. Both of us love being with each other. It took us awhile to become serious with each other due to me. I am more independent than him, but also as a Pisces man, I think he more quickly jumps into relationships than I do. That is more of their idealistic nature, but our relationship has lasted whereas some of his others have fizzled out much quicker. He makes me feel very loved, and our connection both mentally and physically is amazing.
    I know that both of us feel that we would never find another person with the kind of connection we have. We also don’t have to say everything in words because we just “know” a lot of the times. As a Scorpio woman, I feel like I am most compatible with Pisces.

  45. Scorpio female with Pisces male. My Pisces man was the nicest person you can imagine, warm-hearted, loving and caring. Just a wonderful person all together. We were in love for almost 5 years and I have never been in a better relationship than this one. I felt like the Pisces man was my soul mate. We were planning to get married next year and have children. We already moved in together and although we spent almost 24 hours together (both working from home) we got along great and we were always supportive to each other, no matter what. Unfortunately, my Pisces man got into a car accident a few moths ago and passed away in the hospital shortly after. He never woke up from his injuries and I never had a real chance to say goodbye to him. My Pisces man was the perfect love match for me, a Scorpio woman. Scorpio and Pisces are definitely made for each other! 5 stars for this compatibility.

    • I am a scorpio woman and to read your loss of the lover of your soul, is almost unbearable. There is nothing like the connection in this dimension like one with a pisces man. Gratefully you are a Phoenix and as you rise again you know the day will come that the two of you will see each other again.

    • Oh honey. I’m deeply sorry for your loss. It took my breath away as I feel I already know you. You are a strong woman and you will be able to move on. Your Prince Charming will return. Hang in there.

      • according to that you know much more about Scorpions, so can you help please i am Pisces i fall in love with a Scorpio. how can i take trust of the Scorpio?

  46. I am a Scorpio woman and I have been with my Pisces man for almost a year now. The relationship is going great and we even talked about getting married someday. Above all I appreciate the the warmth of my Pisces man and how me makes me feel completely understood. We are totally on the same wavelength, mentally, as well as physically. Sex is great and love the soft side of the Pisces man. Scorpio and Pisces are very compatible partners and are made for a long term relationship. Even from the first date on it just felt right. 5 stars for this compatibility!

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