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Compatibility Scorpio and Taurus

Compatibility Scorpio The Taurus and Scorpio compatibility is a great love match. Both signs are different enough to intrigue the other and captivate them but both are similar enough in regards to sex, love, and relationships. The Taurus and Scorpio long for deep-rooted and long-term relationships. They are both very devoted to the other and the pair can usually work any differences out very quickly. Communicating and spending time together is huge in their relationship.

Compatibility Taurus Scorpio is the opposite sign of Taurus in the zodiac and therefore very attractive to the Taurus, opposites attract! Sex is never boring between Taurus and Scorpio. They love to create new, exciting ways to please each other both in the bedroom and in their relationship. Both are very possessive and this works for the Taurus and Scorpio because cheating and flirting are not usually an issue for these two. The biggest problem they have is that they may bore each other from time to time but sharing love and marriage is paramount for both of them. Finding a partner who is committed to them for life and who will always stay devoted to them is the most important part of love between the two. This part is the easy part in the relationship because once they have committed to each other, they rarely break up.

Though Taurus is usually more self-centered and a little egotistical the Scorpio is all about family and home. He will cherish his Taurus lover and give her the committed, family life she wants. She will in return give him exciting lifestyle he wishes he could make. This balance between the two will last a lifetime and will hold these two astrological signs together no matter the differences.

37 thoughts on “Compatibility Scorpio and Taurus

  1. Well , as every scorpio knows , at first every single thing about a taurus-scorpio match is AMAZING , it’s exactly like a fairy tale , a love story , an unreal love , but then ( as my very own experience ) scorpio gets tired , bc tuarus man may be really energetic in sex , but in love they are really slow !! They’re hot and cold at times and unpredictable very often , thus you can’t really know how they feel deep inside , especialy about you yourself !!! That was the exact thing that made me so tired , things were too good between us and we truly loved each other but then bc of some behaviors i started a fight and think it was a real turn off to him , he appologized later but nothing was the way it used to be ! He didin’t even try to make things better ! But at the end the thing i’ve learned is that : scorpio ladies if you are in relationship w a taurus do NOT show much emotion especialy things like anxiety , anger and etc . If you don’t like sth in his behavior just tell him as friend , very fluence and kind ! Do not argue and show jealousy ,they may look at other girls but in the back of their mind ( if you could stick in it ) there is always and always you ! Just be paitant !!

  2. I’m a Taurus male and was in a turmoil relationship with a Taurus female, we had children and despite that love is definitely blind, our relationship was more of a business transaction and especially more so for the children only. We did not have any thing in common and though we never argued about money, we argued about the small things which became big things.

    In any case, I made decision to separate while in the process of relocating to another state and starting a new life and new job. Being a Snake also, Taurus and Snake sort of compliment each other.

    I started the dating scene again, late September, looking at various websites as the social norm integrated with technology; I went on a few dates and my last date, the 8th woman. She is a Scorpio, I’ve never dated one before EVER.

    Though we communicated beforehand via various social media platforms. She was the one that was interested in me and made contact. I proceeded to make contact and started talking, all of a sudden, there were some strange quirks that I observed. It was as thought she could understand what I was going through, she knew me and my thoughts.

    She was previously married and has a teenage son, married to a Cancer. I on the other hand have two very young children though they solely reside with my Ex.

    We went out on a date last night, she was perhaps a little underdressed, but it was refreshing because she placed a great deal of effort into it. Visually stunning other than just the dress, the personality and the eye contact was pure electric filled with magnetism.

    Throughout the conversation, I’d dare say that more than 90% of the time, I just could not stop eye contact. She asked me at different moments as to what I was doing, I complimented her by saying that I couldn’t stop looking at such a beautiful person.

    Due to the reason that it’s Christmas, I figured as a Taurus, I’d shower her with a present; I bought her a dress and some Chanel #5 perfume. I didn’t think about the cost at all, and for once; she appreciated it and showed affection. Much better by comparison with my Ex.

    She complimented on me and my good tastes on gifts; we pashed on the very first date. Due to the late night Xmas shopping period, I enjoyed walking, talking and spending a lot of time with her.

    In my mind, even today as of writing this; I can’t stop thinking about her nor can I stop showing my feelings through social media platforms. I even eagerly asked her out again and hope to make time soon.

    Talking to her and the way that she makes me feel, I feel energetic, alive, trustful… she confided in me late last night when she contacted me on social media to show me the dress that I got for her that she felt that she was falling in love as well. She thinks I am perfect, smart (not sure about that?… maybe I’m being modest), a charming personality and very affectionate… she wondered why women aren’t over me?

    Both star signs are known to be stubborn at various levels, but Taurus are generally the most. Love is blind, your emotions are overfilled and can’t think rationally. You make decisions without thinking at times and even if you do, you’re deadset on your choices and won’t change them.

    Yes and yes to every thing there. A series of questions also come to mind:

    – Why haven’t I dated a Scorpio before?
    – Is she the one?
    – Why I can’t stop thinking about her? I can’t even concentrate on anything at work?
    – … there’s probably more.

    Hmm, guess we’ll see with that second date, I can’t wait.

  3. I was in a relationship with a Taurus man for a year and a half. It was so perfect and everything felt so real, we had many ups and downs but we always came back, he did lie to me a lot and try keep things away from me but as a Scorpio women I obviously found out everything. We broke up a month ago because he wasn’t putting in any effort at all and he wanted his freedom with other women ๐Ÿ™ I see him a lot at school and we have classes together, we speak here and there and we do ply fight heaps, but lately his been hanging around a girl that we had trouble with when we were together, they talk a lot more and hang out at school and I’m super jealous, I try show that I don’t care and it’s not really working. We did reconnect once but it didn’t seem to change anything. His going on a holiday and I’m going to miss him so much. I know he loves me and misses me cause his told me when we are alone. Someone help I miss him so much what do I do ?????

    • He will come around, a Taurus can’t resist true love, this girl has captured his eye and if he tells you otherwise he is lying for sure. However you have his heart still, he will come around, I am sure of it.

    • I’m a Scorpio and have been in love with a Taurus for years. I never thought he loved me back, but he does( deeply). He has been through so many relationships it isn’t funny, but he always comes back to me. Why? Because they’re not me. We have finally come to terms with the fact we can’t be without each other. We are together and very happy. Just be patient and your Taurus will come back to you.

  4. Another awesome sign for scorpio is a cancer! Im scorp female and years back i had a great relationship with a male cancer it was awesome. Now I’m with a Taurus male …i do remember our first kiss even tho i was highly intoxicated i remember it like it was yesterday i been with mine for almost 4 years now… He’s a good guy he loves me and i love him as well our communication sucks horribly i do open up i make myself talk he doesn’t like it i think it’s a turnoff to him i never know how he feels bc he never tells me.

  5. Im a Taurus woman and I started talking to a Scorpio man 3 weeks ago. We met yesterday and the moment we lay our eyes at each other it was complete attraction. He’s sweet and honest and very down to earth, qualities we Taurus love, specially honesty. Its a reason why one of my best friends is Scorpio too. This man made me feel so comfortable and I did what I never do, I slept w him on a first date. Damn things got so hot and intense that even nature agreed w us… It stated raining outside lol…. he even said that it was some romantic stuff haha. He’s great, I really think this can become something lasting and wonderful, I do understand this match, before I was for the most part dating capricorns which are also a match but I never had the fortune to meet an Scorpio man like the one I’m dating now…

  6. I’m a Taurus Female and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. He’s 28 and I’m 20 I am head over heals for him and I know he has the same feelings for me it’s so intense in every way. The first time we had kissed was magical and we had the best sex EVER he’s quiet and shy and I’m shy to an extent so I talk to bring him out of his shell. He told me that he was catching feelings for me and I was shocked because I’m very bad at telling people my feelings but he eases me by telling me it’s okay. Everything I read about our compatibility says we either we will work or we won’t so I read about his sign to get a understanding of how he is so far so good in our relationship.

  7. I’m seeing a Taurus Male, it’s been good but our communication is a bit low (not good at all) but our physical chemistry are great. But I don’t know how to keep up our communication , since I’m naturally quite Scorpio female, I did my very best to approach him but it’s not getting any better?

    Any advice?

    Pls help Asap!

  8. I am a scorpio women and my boyfriend is a Taurus man, my friend and her boyfriend introduce us we just looked into each others eyes he was very quite while I did all the talking he will speak very little I feel our communication was good till I had found out from my friend who tells me he liked he I was playing hard to get he tried harder till one day he made his move on me he gave me the best kiss I had ever had it felt so good once he did that he put his hands around me had me sit right next to him. He loved to kiss me and everything the sex became so good so good I fell in love with so fast he made me feel relax and happy also smiling all the time, shortly after that I somewhat stop seeing him it was off and on I will call his house asking when will I see you again he really didn’t have much to say just tells me I’m working. So I continue to call his house his aunt will always say he’s not home so I stop calling him so as the days where going by I met a guy I had no interest in he wanted to be my boyfriend I still didn’t like him also telling him I had a boyfriend he always notices my phone never ring he will tell me basically he moved on and he’s with someone eles I wasent listening to him till sometime I became lonely I in up messing with this guy which I thought my boyfriend had moved on. My boyfriend found out about it I try to explain to him but he didn’t want to hear it I guess he was mad at me I did start seeing my boyfriend a lot more but I didn’t know what to say to him and he was so shy so our situation was so complicated we were both made at each other than I found out he was messing with another women when I found out years later he has a child by this women he tells me it was nothing the child wasent plan it just happened he did apologize to me more than once. our communication is even stronger he also want me to be his wife we are more in love than ever so please tell me about this situation.

  9. Hello, I am a Taurus man and I just met a Scorpio woman. I’m going to ask her out this evening and I want to ask the women Scorpio on here,,,, how do I know if a Scorpio woman is interested in me? We work together and have personal conversations but I try not to get to know too much because then it would spoil the communication for our date/hangout so to speak. Ethier way I’m going to ask her tonight, I was just hoping a few of you ladies could give me a heads up or even advice on how to ask her out?

    Sorry I forgot to proof read on the first one.
    Thank you in advance,

  10. I’m a Scorpio female engaged to a Taurus male. Our relationship is the things fairytales are made of. It’s amazing. We mesh like nothing I’ve ever seen before. All of our friends are jealous. This is the best/healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in. He’s just as crazy about me as I him. Highly recommend this combo!

  11. I am a Scorpio โ™ female, and I have been in an on again off again love connection with a taurusโ™‰male for a year and a half. When we met I was a single mother and he a single father recently separated. At first I was extremely turned off by his level of energy, example, where I am more relaxed and comfortable he takes hours after coming home to whine down. But the first time I experienced that energy being used on me it changed my life forever. Like most the post say here, the first kiss was AMAZING, and for this usual introvert he just grabbed me and went for it and I melted. In turn the sex was clearly something only the stars designed because it was everything his zodiac says, sensual, energetic, passionate, everything opposite and therefore fatally attractive to a Scorpio female. He makes me feel like the sexiest woman alive in bed. No conversation is needed either its as if when the bull meets his opposite and the scorpion meets hers, they complete what they other thought they ever desired sexually. At first i was curious to see if i was going crazy over our lovemaking like maybe i was seeing too much into it but as i studied i seen it was a sheer attraction of the taurus to the scorpio and vice versa that really makes that happen. But on to the downfalls, like many people said here as well, being opposites, Scorpio and Taurus do NOT communicate well initially AT ALL. Chemistry yes. Communication hell no! Usually goes something like spending time… Taurus says something to piss off scorp, scorpion lashes stinger, bull barely reacts, pisses scorp off worse, Scorpio leaves hurt but showing anger, Taurus comes running… But what I’ve learned through my personal experience,( and please take it from me, if anybody I’ve spent hours late night researching our compatibility) no matter how rocky it may seem, and we have ABHORRED one another at several points, the main fact is realistically the Taurus is drawn to the scorpion woman in ways he can’t explain and not just because that happens to be his weak area, as the bull he is the master of the five senses and for the Scorpio woman, she is encompassed by the masculinity and stability she receives from being with a Taurus male, also because he speaks very little, and she over analyzes with an almost psychic approach, she understands him and therefore can tend to wishes he never had to verbalize, she is the master of the sixth sense. And because these two are magnetically drawn to one another when Scorpio storms out or gets jealous, or Taurus chases you or bullies you these are tells that emotional ties are still there for these signs and when demonstrated to one another they are received for their intended purposes and the bond only tightens between them. For the unevolved Scorpio female: stop using your psychic abilities to drill him, make it too obvious that you can read his thoughts, or be too overbearing a female to your manly counterpart. Stinging ultimately harms you in the end, save yourself the heartache.
    For the unevolved Taurus male: Yes it is as if we can read your mind, that does not mean we do not want actual communication from you. Learn that bullying does not make for a comfortable setting and ultimately just learn to bend a little. Lord knows you’re a creature of habit and for this us Scorpio women worship the ground you walk on but things like mind games and financial competition are turn offs to us because we require up front ness and are not materialistic although we are extremely mysterious and private about ourselves.
    We find each other very attractive but personally I fell in love with my Taurus all over again after we were no longer together. Depending on the bond, if the sex is good enough, afterwards a Taurus may return, but initially slow to open up in love the Taurus male is extremely hard to deal with being his practical earth sign and my overflowing water sign emotions. They are a turn off to him usually. For me and my Taurus when I started showing less emotion and more practicality I seen myself earning more respect from him, and when he started showing more understanding, and challenging himself and me mentally it stimulated all the areas within our relationship we couldn’t physically. Some would count this relationship out in its beginning stages for not understanding the passion that accompanies the possessive, obsessive nature of these two which appears to the public as rage, but these two are fully aware of what it is. If the two can evolve, or one or the two can evolve and elevate the other, this is definitely a promising relationship. Both signs are known for their loyalty and for me, boy is this true, and covet family and marriage, so don’t give up on your taurus-scorpio love!

  12. I always read that a Taurus was the perfect match for a Scorpio woman. I never had any luck finding a good Taurus man that was crazy devoted to me however until now. After being broken by a Pisces man my heart was not in the right place and I was literally about to give up hope in love. Right in front of me the whole time was my Taurus man trying to get close to me and there for me without me realizing it. He never gave up on me in trying and always pushes me to be better. I don’t know how I was living without this man in my life. We clash most than others but we make up like crazy making our bind even stronger. I don’t need to tell him how to be there for me or touch me he just knows. Marriage is in the cards for us later yet soon. I thank God everyday for this beautiful man that really makes a Scorpio woman melt. Don’t even get me started with the sex absolutely spiritual and incredible experience tops off the movies! 5 stars for a Scorpio Taurus relationship!

  13. im a scorpio woman and i love my taurus man he came into my life and rearranged my emotions, stitched up my heart, and blew breath into my every being i cant deny my feelings and if we would of lost touch today i wouldnt be able to function tommorrow…i thank god for sending him to me i am blessed beyound measures

  14. I am a scorpio woman dating a taurus man and ever since we met (4 months ago) it’s been surreal. Like I’ve never met anyone like him in my life he’s like perfect. Our story has been almost like this perfect love story. The only issue we may have had was communication wise like taking super long to text back but he fixed that so now I’m just here wondering if things are always going to be this great and I’ve been looking for scorp female taurus male marriage testimonies to get a long term perspective, however I see us being like this forever.

  15. I am a Scorpio woman and just met a Taurus man a few months. Since day 1, we have had a connection I have never experienced before. I feel like I’ve known him for years. I honestly believe I have met my best friend, my other half. Everything that has happened between us has been purely magical physically and emotionally. I think I found the one….

  16. I’m a Taurus woman, the attraction/sex with a Scorpio man was electric. So intense and naughty. He brought out my shyness like no one else, as Taurus need to feel completely relaxed to get the best out of us, no judging just lots of encouragement and what you will get back will be fireworks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. I’m a Taurus lady and my Bf is a Scorpio man I couldn’t be more in love. I’m like obsessed with everything he does its been a year now and it’s been so rocky because he won’t open up. But I have a good feeling about us.

  18. I’m a Taurus woman, 10 yrs back I was in a relationship with a Scorpio man, everything was magic I must be honest but bcoz we were too young to realize that somehow we broke up, but if I can meet a Scorpio man again in my life. I don’t think I will let him go.

  19. I’m A Taurus Woman and My Dude Is a Scorpio nd I Can Say We Have A Bond Like No Other, Everytime We Get Around Each Other Our It’s Like We Can’t Get Off Each Other Our Chemistry Is The Best..I Hope Our Relationship Last For A Min

  20. I must say that I’m a Scorpio and my dude is a Taurus. ..he is a lot of work very moody at times. And I am no walk in the park. We have been together for 8 months strong. In the beginning it was hell. We broke up many times. The Taurus has stood me up, disappeared, ignored calls/texts but I had to mirror his actions and then he stopped doing it.
    The only problem is that he slow and our communication levels is a working progress. They really need reassuring to fully trust you then they will open up slowly. As Scorpios are the best lie detectors it scares the heck out of them so they will pull back once your on to them…but let them and sit back so quietly and watch their actions unfold…

    • Hello,
      I am a Scorpio woman in a new long distance relationship with a Taurus man. We met online a month and a half ago, and it was amazing and we had an instant attraction and admiration for each other. He moved our relationship along pretty quickly, telling me he thinks I am amazing and he that he was falling for me. He told me he loved me, and wanted me to be his woman. I accepted gladly, and was so happy to finally feel so loved and appericiated.
      He bought me a ticket to go see him, and we had a great time. The sex was steady and fulfilling, and we have had amazing conversations. After my return home, the calls and texts have slowed down considerably. I am giving him his space, but feel so confused. I do not want to play games or manipulate him because I really want him to love me for me, and not because I’ve made him,but I am so confused and don’t know what to do. Please advise me on how to keep my sweet Taurus man ifrom becoming remote. Should I stop communicating with him or bring it up directly? I know Taurus hates being told what to do and dislikes insecurity. Help!

  21. I am a Scorpio woman and I am currently seeing a Taurus man, I’m not sure if he’s 100% interested. It’s been four months now and things seemed to be going incredibly fast in the beginning we have developed a lot of passion over time but I feel as though things have slowed down remarkably.
    In the beginning we saw each other almost every day NOW!! we don’t see each other half as much as we used to. The Taurus still comments on my beauty and rings me an awful lot but has he lost interest or are we still going in the right direction.
    I also wonder whether to make the first move to the next stage of our friendship, I’m not one to show a lot of emotion but I’m incredibly affectionate and passionate towards the Taurus and about us so I no he knows how much I care. We have had the odd argument and Iv fallen out with him for a day or to and he chases me should this mean a lot? (help!)

    • @BMorris, Ok so this so the deal. They will become distance over time to figure you out silently, but u must stand your ground do not allow him to keep being distant because then it will become a pattern. So you gotta sit back and be patient sooner or later you will get the reaction that you seek. They can be really sly and keep a lot of what their doing to themselves. If this behavior becomes to frequent use your skills w/o saying a word to him..at least you will know where u stand. They do not verbally say whats on their minds, they like to show you instead. All you can do is send him a Hello text everyday to let him know that you are still there.

      • Personally, I’d say start going out with friends, let him see your enjoying yourself without him, and mark my words his jealousy will get him back. If he continues to act this way, u either have to play ‘his’ game or move on … Good luck;)

    • Don’t try and make him jealous it will make home not want to talk to you again; he’ll just do to you what you do to him. Instead let him know that you want to spend time with him, taurus aren’t so good at beating around the bush. If he isn’t talking to yu as muchc most likely you made him feel like you didn’t want him in some way, and this incident could be soo small that you didn’t even realise it yourself. Just be persistent, consistency is key with a taurus. If he likes you don’t expect PDAs it’ll be little things like the random touch, or even a super tight hug.
      Trust me, I’m a taurus lady, whether it’s female or male a bull is a bull.

  22. I am a Scorpio women involved with a Taurus man..the chemistry between us is explosive..intense && real!! we adore each other in away that it puts us both at ease..the first time we kissed it was magical!! We couldn’t stop && the first time we made love it felt electric..he’s so sensual..me being a Scorpio I love it!! he’s so energetic && I’m more calm but we mesh so well..he makes me smile when I’m sad..he makes me feel safe when I’m scared && knows exactly how to please me!! this Taurus man is amazing..I can’t stay away..first time I’ve ever been with a Taurus && let me say..I’m in awe

  23. They said that Taurus and Scorpio are perfect pair. I was just wondering how come ours end up like a blink of an eye. We were leaving separately because of him having a 3rd party for 6yrs now.

    • Bc Scorpio males cheat! Well all the ones i know do….im scorpio woman and ill tell you this were all about our lower regions i guess you can say were sexually active…i wasnt so much like that but you can only imagine how a scorp male would be!

  24. I’m Scorpio sign and my partner is a Taurus. Great match in all aspect..we respect, love and understand each other..two thumps up!!!

  25. I am a scorpio woman currently in a relationship with a taurus male. I think this is honestly the best match for a scorpio woman. I am head over heels for this amazing & wonderful man. The love making is explosive, passionate, sensual and amazing!!!! I give it 5 plus stars ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. After my marriage ended, I (a Scorpio woman) moved on to a relationship with a Taurus man. Taurus is six signs away from Scorpio, and this relationship was much better. We shared likes, dislikes, and where the Taurus man was strong, I was weak and he supported me. Where I, a Scorpio, was strong, he was weak and I supported him. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. I would rate this relationship 5 STARS!!!!

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