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Compatibility Taurus and Cancer

Compatibility Taurus Taurus and Cancer make a great compatibility love match. The two are both very possessive, especially the Cancer man. Both sexes are very materialistic, love the finer things in life, and are completely devoted to their mates. They crave strong attachments in love and sex and are willing to devote themselves completely to the other. They each have a need for total trust and attention from the other.

Compatibility Cancer Taurus love to hold hands, spend intimate moments by the fireplace, and kiss for a long time. Cancer men want to lavish this same affection on their female mates. They love to spend hours taking long walks, having picnics in the park, and treating their lovers to romantic evenings at home with no interruptions. The relationship between the two can be one that lasts forever as they both love to devote themselves completely and do not do well with infidelity and flirting.

The Taurus woman will always give her Cancer man her undivided attention and full devotion. She will make special dinners for him, buy him expensive gifts, and treat him to fancy vacations. He will in return offer her the stability and love that she craves. He will shower her with tokens of affection like jewelry, fine clothing, and expensive vehicles. He does this because these are the same kinds of things that he likes too. He will show her the attention, gifts, and love she wants as long as she remains as loyal to him as he is to her.

27 thoughts on “Compatibility Taurus and Cancer

  1. I’m a Taurus Woman and I’ve just started dating a Cancer Man…It’s like I’ve known him for so long…It’s kinda scary but I’m going for it because I get all warm and fuzzy inside when talking to him. I feel like he’s the “One” my soul mate. He’s also shared feeling a strong connection right away with me….He give me compliments all the time…And I return them…I’m so happy to have met him! Hopefully He’s my future Husband!!!!

  2. So, I’ve recently reconnected with an cancer male this past weekend. I’m a Taurus. We first met about 4 years ago and we started dating. He played me and wasn’t honest about being in a relationship so I cut him off. After I broke up with him, we still would run into each other here and there at parties. We would speak and then keep it moving. So, when I saw him again, this pass weekend, the last time I saw him was a surprise. Pleasent surprise. So, we exchanged numbers and we out out on a date the next day. At the date he mentioned he missed me and thought about me. How he always wanted to be with me and he apologized for how he acted 4 years ago. Claiming he was young, in his 20s he’s now 31, and how he wasn’t ready for a relationship back then, but now he is and he wants it with me. I expressed to him how he hurt my feelings back then and now I look at him side ways and wants to know if he’s truthful. He says he is but with me, I like to see actions. He then goes on to tell me he wants a baby with me and wants to build a life with me. Side eye. Because he told me this 4 years ago. I told him I would give him another chance but he has to be serious because I am. I’m ready for that family and to fall in love. I know I could give him the love he is looking for. I know we would be perfect together. Do the next day, he tells me he wants to see me again. I said sure let me know what’s a good time. He say ok. Days goes past. We are still chatting but he hasn’t set a date. Do I set one for him lol He told me he couldn’t do the day I suggested and that he was busy. Immediately my Taurus was ready to fight lol I cussed him out and told him I’m not here for his games. To me, I figured he would be all ready and willing to see me but he rejected me and I was hurt. I knew it was wrong and I apologized. I was just in fear of him playing me again. We talked about it and he was hurt I went off on him and he told me that I have nothing to worry about and that he is here to be serious with me but he really did have something planned already and I can’t get mad when things don’t go my way. Understandable. Since that day we talked, he’s still talking to me but he hasn’t mentioned anything about scheduling another date. I’m so confused. I would think he would be so willing and ready to see me all the time now since he is so serious about us being together. Can anyone tell me what’s up?? I would appreciate it. I feel like it may be fate that we keep running into each other and this time it’s meant to be. Love you all!! God bless

  3. Cancer Woman…..Every man is different it all depends what stage of life they are in at the time when you meet them. I can honestly say out of all my relationships I fell truly in love with two Taurus men. I was dating a Taurus guy for 3 1/2 years and in the beginning he was very hard to read he did everything in his power to get me and my attention then the minute I gave in he fell back and started being distant. They are very possessive . I couldn’t deal with the mood changes . But My elementary sweetheart was also a Taurus and we been off and on for 10+ Years he’s like my best friend I love him to pieces in the beginning he wouldn’t open up to me and was distant also but over time as we reconnected things never been so perfect he’s the man of my dreams and I wouldn’t trade him in for the world he’s so open now and shows me way more attention and I just feel so complete. #16years strong friendship[..

  4. Cancer woman here. I was dating a Taurus. She is truly amazing. The security in her feelings for me, how she took care of me, she made me feel so loved and cherished. And I think I made her feel safe,even she was still scared and feared her heart being broken. After working through some tough past relationship stuff we bonded on an even deeper level and really opened up to each other. Unfortunately we live far from each other and she didn’t have time for me, and in turn I acted out and pushed her away. But she lives me deeply and I her, and I believe with and surpassing some life things well be together again. Regardless, best love I’ve ever felt!

  5. Cancer men are very sensitive and they take their time especially with relationships. Don’t pressure him. He has the tendency to hide away from the world and take cover in his shell when he feels uncomfortable. When the Cancer feels safe and comfortable enough he will let you know, but in the mean time he will show you that he cares deeply for you (if he truly does)

  6. So I am a Cancer woman who met and has been seeing a Taurus man for a few months now. At first I can say that this was a project. I am always honest and forthcoming in any relationship no matter if it was a friendship or romantic. My Bull seems to have been burned many times by women and really lacked trust. The Taurus honestly held back his feelings a lot in the beginning even though I knew he had feelings for me, vice versa. He would call/text me a few days in a row, then disappear for a few days. I guess the Taurus needed his space to really evaluate and make sure I was someone he actually wanted in his life, which Is fine I completely understand (no one wants to waste time). I actually appreciate him wanting to take things slow and not rush into a relationship and to actually get to know each other. I can’t tell you how much time I have wasted getting into rushed relationships. Taurus males are very grounded and realistic. I can tell you since I have met him and gotten to know him I have been so much happier. The Taurus is such a good guy ( of course he has his faults, don’t we all?) and he makes me want to be a better woman. He’s so caring and would put anyone ahead of himself, which I can definitely appreciate since I am the very same way. We are so alike, but not alike to the point where we would bump heads. The Taurus is possessive but not to the point of being controlling those are two very different terms lol. I also like this trait because it shows me that he cares and he wants me all to himself :-). Taurus I can say are dorky in a cute way. We are both introverts to a certain extent. With age and experience I have been able to come out of my shell. Another thing is he makes me feel so beautiful; he compliments me all the time. I just feel like I’m on cloud 9! The sex is really good. I love how they dominate in the bedroom (Am I the only cancer who feels this way?) I am very submissive but I don’t take any nonsense from anyone. I’m not the type to have to raise my voice to get my point across but I am stern with the things I will and will not accept in any relationship. As long as you set the tone your Taurus guy will know how to treat you. If you meet a single Taurus male and you’re interested go for it ladies! I honestly feel like I have met my soul mate. It’s almost like I met this man from another life. Truly amazing, I thank God for bringing this man into my life ^.^

    • How I feel everything that you said about Taurus Bulls… they´re so magnetic, so sensual and deep, they could treat us like we are perfect, and they are also great fathers.
      I would say no one in the world could love me better than a Taurus man and I met two Taurus in my entire life.
      Good luck with your bulls, just try not to be too much moody, ever disappoint them, it´s worth it for life.

    • You speak for both of us (Cancer lady here…), I met an amazing Taurus man near a month ago and I already feel connected to him in ways known and yet to be discovered. I appreciate that he wants to take time to get to really know me; it says a lot about who he is that he gives careful consideration to things of serious nature–relationship. In ways that I have ‘fantasized’ in my head…how I want to fully express myself to a man who completely accepts and appreciate what I bring to the table. Let’s just say the Taurus man responds well to me…in many ways: emotionally, spiritually, PHYSICALLY…and we can talk about any and everything with an unspoken understanding and genuine acceptance. The Taurus so far exhibits so much of what I have desired in secret for so long in hopes of meeting someone like him. I adore this man. I respect him above all else. He is thoughtful and considerate of my needs. The Taurus is a man of his word and is consistent (at least), but he disappears every other day. Perhaps it’s part of ‘his’ process, taking his time to know me, reflect in between our dates. Above all it is important to the both of us that we cultivate a true friendship. Oh how that comforts me. Did I mention that he is physically my type as well? I am elated for what lies ahead, for us Cancer and Taurus. I thank God for the experience!

  7. Where do i begin? ?? I’m a Taurus woman who’s been dating a Cancer man for um let see a little over week now ok.. let me say that since the first date we’ve met a week ago we haven’t parted with each other… The Cancer is truly amazing, I’ve never met someone as caring ,good spirited,sweet,big hearted, loving as this Cancer man. He shows me incredible amounts of attention and affection n just wants to be in my presence.. I’m currently separated and didn’t believe i could love or care for someone again but this Cancer man is making me see otherwise. .I’m being my bull headed stubborn self n fighting this love at first site because of our time line but he says you can love in a day ,a week,a month whatever !!!!! We both have tough situations from our past that makes trust an issue . But wen we’re together none of that matters, we seem to fall into each others dream when we’re together. .. The Cancer always makes sure I’m ok, that i have everything i need to b comfortable. He so sensitive and has no problem expressing how he feels because he falls pretty hard something we share in common. The Cancer holds my hand every where we go. When he looks at me into my eyes which he does A LOT, omg as if he just wants to hold me tight and never let go… I can talk to him about anything and he does his best to give me constructive advice. He adores his mother and wants you to adore her too. Money is no object to the Cancer man, he loves to wine and dine at the most loveliest restaurants. But has shown some insecurities and jealousness but I’m good for him and can show he can let go of those insecurities and jealousness ….I’M HERE !!!!Although our time line doesn’t add up to our feelings for each other but this feels so inseparable and so right and i hope we’re in this for the long hall….!!!!!!!

  8. I’m a Taurus woman and he’s a Cancer man. I remember the first day I seen him automatically attracted to the Cancer I asked him out. Since that first date I’ve been head over heels for this man I love him to death and I’m scared. We aren’t even together we’re just talking. It scares me to death I disappear every once in awhile when I feel like my heart is about to burst out. The Cancer man called me he me text messages and I don’t answer I wait and wait till the feelings disappears. So I get a message out of the blue from him and I given to because I miss him. And just like that I’m in love with the Cancer again. Never believed in love at first sight though I secretly wish it was true. With this man I felt it. I want him. The Cancer man never tells me how he feels. Some times this I keep the spot me like he’s feeling the same thing I feel at least that’s how I feel when I’m with him and then when we’re not together its like the Cancer is just pretending for the sex another way I’m feeling about it. I don’t know what to do anymore……I am lost,and more lost without him.

    • Just talk to him. Be straight forward and tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels. Communication is key to moving forward, and the only way you can do that is by being honest with him because he could be feeling the same way and if he isn’t, then you can move on from there.

  9. I am a Taurus female dating a Cancer male I love it. Although he gets on my nerves at the end of the day I love him to death! The Cancer male is caring, loving , and super sensitive. We argue a lot over the most simple things but low-key i love it and i think he does to. The Taurus and Cancer sex is so good:)

  10. I’m a Taurus woman seeing a Cancer man. The relationship is completely wonderful. We both have issues that make us unable to really trust and be with people. But when we found each other it’s like all that went out the window. The Cancer man is so kind and understanding, and he also tells me often how much he cares and loves me. We fell for each other so quickly it scared us both. But we just decided to go with it and just love each other. I feel like I’ve found my soul-mate. I don’t believe we will ever truly argue or get mad with one another. Every thing is just so perfect and I don’t ever see that changing. We truly bring out the best in each other.

  11. I’m a Taurus Woman who dated a Cancer Man. If you are a Taurus Woman. This man might be your 1st true Love. They are loving, generous, and love to please sexually. As a Taurus sometimes we can be a bit cold. A Cancer man warms us and makes us feel sooo good. But sometimes Cancer men have mood swings and put up walls to hide how they really feel. It gets annoying, but we Taurus women fall so deeply for the Cancer Man! A Cancer man was the only person who made me think of spending my life with them.

    • He does make me relax more for sure. I am usually cold and logical. Caring, but not emotionally caring. For some reason, when I am with him, I feel more relaxed and wiling to express myself.

      • We speak from our heart. Whatever we normally say is quite heartfelt perhaps that’s why you feel secure and relaxed. Also we are much less judging than people otherwise (unless of course we have been hurt bad in the past). @Kay Dee thanks for sharing your input. It was quite sincere and nice of you to do that. We Cancer males reflect an aura of stability which does make women (especially Taurus) fall for the Crab quite hard.

  12. I am currently dating a Cancer man. He is very attentive, yet sensitive. Whenever I am with him, I feel relaxed. Letting myself relax is incredibly difficult, and he makes it happen with just his voice and presence. I cannot tell what the Cancer man is thinking a lot of the time, but he does offer tidbits of information about himself when I ask about his stories. The Cancer is sweet, organized, and independent. When the zodiac profiles say Cancer men are attached to their mother, it is true with my man. He is respectful to his mom, and will help her, but he is not openly affectionate with her. I think I am good with him. I try to be cautious of what I say because I can be insensitive. I am very affectionate, and love that he loves to hold hands. The Cancer does not express how he feels about me, but he smiles a lot, and shows it in his actions.

    • I’ve read your comment and I was particularly interested in what you said about not showing how they feel but smiling a lot. I am a Taurus woman and I’ve met a Cancer guy. We have friends in common and they have seen each other a couple of times recently, but together with our friends. I think he is interested and attracted but I am afraid of being wrong and disappointed. The most beautiful moments are when the Cancer guy looks directly into my eyes while or after we talk about something. Does this say something about how he feels? How do you think they look at the woman they are interested in? How can I tell if the Cancer feels something more than just friendship?

      • Being a Cancer man you must think of romance. We’re dreamers and the more romantic you are with a gesture (simple things like acknowledgement or proudly showing him that not only are you attracted to him but aren’t afraid to show it will go a long way into showing the Cancer man that you truly care about him.

  13. I’m a Taurus woman who started dating a Cancer Man three years ago. And I absolutely Love this Man with every ounce of my being. We get along great. We respect each others lives, space, and time. We have great sex and communication. We are meant to be in my opinion. There is a great sense of understanding so we are always peaceful in each others presence. I hope he asks me to marry him someday because I will say, Yes!

  14. I’m a Cancer woman dating a Taurus male and so far its been amazing…I’ve never been treated so well…however I have noticed the Taurus can be very honest which is hard for me being the oversensitive Cancer that’s seems to create small tiffs now and then..that and yes so slow with letting me know how he feels about me..other then those things everything is great! Especially the sex 😉

  15. I am a Cancer woman who has been in a relationship with a Taurus man for about 3 years. At first it seemed like the perfect love affair, but what turned me off after a while was the egotistical attitude of the Taurus man. He always had to be right, even when he was wrong, if you know what I mean. Taurus men are like that. As a Cancer woman I can not tolerate such behavior. The sex was great, however, and most of the time we got along pretty good, but I just couldn’t accept the fact that it was always about the Taurus man and his b.s. – Maybe not every Taurus man is like that, in my case however, the Taurus man’s egotistical behavior ended this relationship. From my point of view, I would give the Cancer and Taurus combination 3 stars.

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