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Compatibility Taurus and Leo

Compatibility Taurus Taurus and Leo both have qualities that make a great relationship and that harm a great relationship. The two can make a dynamic couple but learning to work together and communicating is important to the survival of their relationship.

Compatibility Leo Both astrological signs are devoted lovers and mates and can have a bit of an ego but this works out well because the Taurus woman and Leo man compliment each other beautifully. The female Taurus will give the Leo man’s huge ego the attention he yearns for and at the same time he will feed her craving for devotion and keeping all eyes on her. She both captivates and intrigues the Leo man as they are different but complimentary to each other.

Sex between the Taurus and Leo can be dynamic. The Taurus will lead the Leo into sexual pleasures and situations that he has only dreamed of. But beware, the Leo can find the Taurus female a bit overwhelming and too carefree in the bedroom. He prefers quieter, well planned displays of affection. When it comes to love relationships, the Leo does not like the large crowds, group outings, or couples nights out. He prefers to have his lover alone and all to himself. This satisfies the Taurus’s need for a devoted lover and partner but can leave her a little bored at times. The common ground here is that they both love each others undivided attention and have no problem offering it. Most Taurus-Leo couples remain strong and although they may have a lot of differences, they can last a lifetime if certain precautions are made. However, keep in mind that Taurus and Leo are incompatible signs.

58 thoughts on “Compatibility Taurus and Leo

  1. I just recently met my Leo guy and I am a pretty hardcore Taurus. I’m already smitten. He’s all I ever think about! Our first date was sweet and we talked for hours and his kiss made my heart explode. He’s a freak in the sheets and sex with him is some of the best I ever had (if not the best). He’s definitely an alpha male and likes to dominate the relationship and that’s fine by me. I like a strong, dominant man. It makes me feel secure, safe and protected. He’s a manly man and he oozes class, charisma and passion. You always know where you stand with him. It’s still new and I don’t want to put too much stock into it just yet, but my god..his energy drives me crazy and all I wanna do is please him and serve him and make him feel like the king he is because he treats me like his queen.

  2. I am a Taurus female (24yrs old) and I have been attracted to a Leo guy previously, but when I tried to make advances, he responded to the flirting but when I tried to ask him to hang out, he told me “he is too busy for a social life”… so I took it as turn down. Then when I stopped giving him attention ALL together, he started kind of chasing me. (with Taurus girls, that doesnt not work like that).
    Anyways, I am currently smitten over another Leo guy (he’s 39yrs old). We both work at the same place, that’s how we met. But since the moment I met him, I had an attraction to him that grew over the past few months into liking him. We have a lot in common. I tried to hint to him I’m into him. I gave him little gifts and left heart shaped sticky notes with simple message like: “have a great weekend”.. Cant be too obvious, I’m still in my 3 months probation and hes older then me. (He’s single, a bachelor). There is moments where I think he likes me too, then he’ll talk about other females or say something that makes me think “Oh I’m not his type… he isnt into me”.. My mom and friends think, he does like me but hes just insecure about his age and the age gap and etc. Anyways, my dilemna is….. do I say something first? My 3 months probation is up next week, or do I give him time to make a move?.. I get very impatient when I REALLY want something. I like him, I care about him, I want to kiss him, I want the whole 9 yards with him .< I dont want to screw it up like I keep doing with every guy I've liked. Either saying or doing or making all the wrong moves.

  3. I’m a Taurus woman. Very down to earth & gentle … I’m stubborn about certain things but not much . I hate how ppl think we’re only stubborn so dealing with us is unbearable. EVERY TAURUS IS DIFFERENT. I’ve dated a cancer (my longest relationship but glad it’s over ) , an Aquarius ( showed no emotion while with me but as soon as I left him all hell broke lose !! Psychotic bitch ) ,then a Pisces ( loved him so much but he went from laid back to monster in like 2 seconds ), a Taurus ( was so sweet & then was really sour so I stopped talking to him & he would text me “so you done ” .. did he want to be chased cause no) ….. now I’m talking to a Leo & love at first sight is right ! I would always say I wanted a love that would set my soul on fire & it did just that . F*** ! I just get these chills whenever I think about him . They say Leo’s are very flashy & he’s not like that , he just wants to be comfortable… they say Leo’s like to go out & that’s not him at all he’s very much like me & he’d rather stay home !& I love that ! He’s a very passionate man & I knew this after talking to him for 2 hours . Our first kiss felt like it made my heart grow 2 sizes bigger ! On his way taking me home he actually told me everything that was on his mind he was basically thanking god for sending me to him . i thank god for letting me experience him even if only for a little while !

  4. Oh wow, where can i start? Im a leo guy, and i never believed in love at first sight, until i seen this taurus woman….. we work at the same school, which is where i met her. I can write a series of books on how amazing this woman is to me. Shes very beautiful, posesses a very positive and earthy vibe. She makes me nervous everytime she comes around, for her presence is of a wealthy, powerful queen of her own land and im just a measly peasant. The thought of being with her just makes me want to be a better man, just to provide and protect and love her…..We have formed somewhat of a mutual acknowledgement but the problem is, the usual leo charm that usually makes the ladies melt is not working on her lol. Ive tried everything from gifts, poems, cooked for her, everything i can possibly think of to win her heart. Shes ignored my social media requests, i gave her my number but she never called, which hurt me a little because im not afraid of rejection, i just wish she could just at least tell me shes not interested. But at the same time, she still speaks to me and we small talk at work, so im confused. Everyones telling me to leave her alone, but its just something about her that lights my soul on fire, and i wont stop until she at least says something! Taurus women what shall i do?!?!?!?!?! Help me!!!!

      • unless u r into discussion wd each other u cannot understnd her tooo…a taurean woman is never vry expressive but she does expect her man to tell her hw mch she means to him nd hw mch u lov her..so let her knw ur feelings bit expilicitly man!!!!

    • Tell her and stop beating around the brush. As a Taurus woman, I like someone strong and straight forward. So if you want her tell her.

    • I dated a Taurus for 7 years. I am a Leo. I can tell you that this woman does not care about roses, romance, cute little notes, and will never respond timely to anything you send, especially a love note that you most likely, being a LEO, looking for affirmation from. This sign is NOT what a Leo needs. A Leo needs instant gratification and acknowledgement of his efforts. And since the Leo and Taurus are equally matched, there is nothing a Leo can do to impress her.

      Try CANCER or Aries or another closely compatible sign…. Sorry. But, I spent 7 years sending roses on our anniversary. It took 6 years before she actually noticed them, and still didn’t make a comment.

      It was NOT worth 7 years. And being a ridiculous devoted and loyal Leo, I had to wait for my exit before I could get out.

    • Same thing happened to me. I finally after his persistence decided he may be different. Taurus women notice when you do something that stands out. Become an admirer but send a good book or have food delivered she like. We like when a man notices little things without being creepy.
      Get in her social circle she is sure to celebrate a lot.
      Patience and friendship win

  5. I am a man, and I am Leo. Not just “a” Leo, but what I consider to be the full embodiment of the sign. I have dabbled here and there in astrology, but only this year have I really paid solid attention to the details that our signs display. It fascinates me how uncanny and accurate my sign is to me. I too have recently set my eye on a beautiful Taurus woman. “Sexy” doesn’t contain enough description for how attractive she looks to me, and the look of her intoxicates me to my core on a level of attraction I have never felt. She is so down to earth in her demeanor, always calm never over excited, precise in her emotional convey. I have found myself wanting her. To get lost in her. I am thrilled that I have found her and feel that this will be a mix beyond worthy of my fullest exertion of effort.

    • WOW wow
      I wish my Leo man feels the same way about me
      I am a Taurus woman head over heels a gorgeous leo man
      He is the love of my life

  6. I am a Taurus woman, but my Venus is in Aries. I’ve always noticed that when I want something, I want it now, and it takes me quite a while to give up on it. Once I have it, it’s super hard to let it go. So, I’m very demonstrative in my affections and feelings for men. I had a thing for a while with an Aries with an Aries Venus, and after five years of it off and on and nothing ever really happening, I’ve finally realized we’re too alike to work out. Cancer was very sweet, so caring, but too emotionally burdened. Gemini was way too all over the place, claiming the “sister” card at the end. One Virgo man was way too willing to hint at what we were up to to others. Another just “wasn’t ready”, even after four months. (Doesn’t make much sense. He was emotionally burdened too.) The Cancer was 10 years older than me, and the second Virgo was 7 years older than me. So that was the back story.
    I met this Leo man. (Even though he’s three months younger than me, and the first person I’ve been with that’s younger, he is definitely more of a man.) We have been together a little over a month now. So back about 9 months ago, he did ask me out a couple times, in a shy manner, but I politely declined, because of complications with being in the same program of study. After that, the second Virgo guy happened. So once we broke up, it took about a month, and I realized I had been flirting with this special Leo for a couple weeks before I even knew it. And once I admitted it to myself, I realized, he’s loyal enough, and his interest is high enough, that he still wants me even after I turned him down twice. He is the sweetest thing I have ever been with. He will actually hold my hand in public, and shows me the perfect amount of affection. (Which is a lot, of course. It’s what I need.) He calls me beautiful, just because, which I absolutely appreciate. He kind of spoils me by buying me food and such, which I sometimes feel bad for, because I don’t want to feel like a mooch, but he insists. He made me a hemp bracelet for my birthday! (Which is the day we made this official.) He’s a very beautiful man, inside and out, with the most gorgeous eyes (blue with a hazel-like color towards his pupils). And he is definitely a firecracker between the sheets. I know we haven’t been together long enough to see any possible underlying problems arise, but our way of communication just feels so fluid, and it helps that we have a lot of the same interests and outlooks on life. He told me, before we really made things official, that he thought he was a loser. I hope, by seeing how happy I’ve been with him, he doesn’t believe that anymore. I know our signs are not compatible. It’s will power in the end, and the longer we stay together, the more I feel I will find him worth striving for.

    • Oh, and he hasn’t shown much desire to be in the spotlight with me much yet. He makes sure to pay just as much attention to me (if not more, actually).

  7. I’m a Taurus woman and I have a huge crush on this Leo man. I don’t understand why and we are like magically drawn to each other and the attractiveness is like a whole different level. I don’t think I have ever been this attracted to someone before in my life.. Everything about him just drives me crazy. However, our stubbornness and egos keep us away from each other for now, because none of us is willing to give in and do the first step, we are both waiting for the other one to do it.. It seems like it will be me though who will give up and make the first move.
    Anyone has a similar experience? I’d be happy to get some tips on how to deal with this 🙂

    • I think you should do 1st step.but being a boy nd a gemini-leo boy,i prefare to do 1st move bcz if i loss her then i will weep or if she loss me then she will.i have same story wd ma girl she is an aries-taurus girl.

  8. I am a taurus woman and he is a leo guy. He fall for me and started to date me. I am the type who takes a long time to actually develop feeling and realise it. He is the sweetest, caring, funny, loyal person you could never inagine. He is surrounded by so many girls until I am so insecure about myself. He would always praise me, gives me undivided attention, comfort me when I am sad, leave his friends for me, greet me every morning and night. He hate that we always fight, he would be the one to apologies everytime we argue. When I asked him why, he said “I rather admitting its my wrong than having both of us fighting, its making me feeling so bad and sad.” We have been almost 2 years now but I keep bringing up breaking up when I am piss off. He bear with me for countless times but sometimes explode and scold me for being so childish. However, he would then say sorry for me when I ignore him. I hurt him alot, we breakup and we got back again. I cant think off living without him in my life. Anyway, I am the one who initiate breakup although he strongly disagree. He always want to talk about the problem and solve it together whereas all I want to go is just avoiding it. I have big ego and really stubborn. He is stubborn too but depends on the situation. When we breakup, he still will contact me everyday like we used to. Act like couple, jealous when I text with guys, worry about me and tell me ‘I still love you’ and do not allow me to couple anyone except him. After we got back together again, we have lesser topics to talk and I feel awkward. I wonder if he is tired with me already but he said he is not. Anyway, taurus woman and leo man is a really great match if they have enough communication and understanding !

    • I am a leo man with a Taurus spouse in the reason the conversation seem awkward cause now his heart is guarded true enough he loves you but being at odds with our partner hurts us deeply. But if you reasure him that you really love him and will work on your flaws he will do the same.

  9. Last february I met a Leo man (I’m a Taurus woman) and I’m totally in love and smitten by this man! I can’t stop thinking about him; I go to bed thinking about him and the first thing on my mind when I wake up is him! Even in my dreams he haunts me! Nothing really happend when we met and it took me 3 days to sent him a friends request on Facebook; he replied within 20min. We have contact via FB regurarely and he likes certain things on my page (especially pics of me), but he doesn’t get certains hints I post on FB.
    He was in a long relationship before and from certain things he posted on his FB account he’s still dealing with that. He told me that at the end of the relationship he had a brother/sister thing with his ex, so that’s why he eventually broke it off. I found out a few days ago, that his ex threw him off her friends list and deleted most pics with him….
    We are colleagues but it’s difficult to meet each other, cause it’s a big company and we work different shifts.
    How should I get his attention? I know Leo’s love to be adored. He’s a skilled Dj in his spare time and loves to play golf.

  10. I am a leo man dating a Taurus women for the past 3 months, we met in university but we have almost 10 years difference in age, our relationship so far is going very good, she is caring and honest, I can trust her and our conversation level is average,she is beautiful and have great bodyshape ,she is a bit shy in bed but I think we are getting well with each other in there, we dont have a lot in common as a couple but for some reason we feel comfortable being with each other, its true Taurus women are stubborn and sometimes can not understand what Leo man feels or wants from them, what I learned so far being with her is that we Leo men should express our feelings directly if we are not happy about something in the relationship and they would try to fix it, I know Taurus women love food so much and it came out to be that she loves my cooking a lot, she is a bit lazy and prefer spending time at home while I like going out for a good time,I dated siggataruis, Aries and Aquarius before and I would say best for me was Aries, but I want to continue with my Taurus women because so far everything is so beautiful and lovely between us, I have feelings for her and I can feel she also cares and have feeling for me.

  11. I’m a Taurus woman dating a Leo man as well. At first we started off rocky because we both wanted different things. I’m very slow to get attached to someone, I don’t believe in moving too fast; it really comes natural to me actually. He’s the opposite! He would pour his feelings out to me & I use to get so irritated by him because we weren’t on the same page. Finally, I told him that we’re not compatible & we’re not connecting. He’s really stubborn so he didn’t take heed to what I was saying until after the 3rd time. Since we’ve had that talk, I am able to connect with him better & see the beauty in our differences. He’s so charming and sweet. He’s probably the nicest most genuine guy I’ve ever met in my life & I really enjoy and appreciate him being in my life. He keeps me motivated & he is concerned about my well being. I like that he thinks long term. This Leo man is VERY ambitious & that’s another thing I love about him because that one trait that we both share. At this point, I couldn’t see myself with no other. He’s the BEST!

  12. i’m a taurus woman married to a leo man… despite the negative comments about taurus leo relationship. I couldnt imagine my life without this man… he is my everything. we are diffferent but we compliment each other well. we are both stubborn but we dont get our ego’s in the way of makin gthe other one unhappy. he does everything to make me happy and vice versa. the sex is amazing. we knew within days we were made for each other. One thing for both taurus females and leo males pursuing a relationship with each other is Taurus woman know that your leo male isnt the type to be gushing with emotional every single time we feel insecure or need validation… if leo man doesnt care understand he wouldnt be with you in the first place… as for leo men you have to learn to communicate with taurus as you cant expect taurus to just know how u feel you do have to show us from time to time.

    my marriage to my husband has been awesome but we have been through up’s and downs but each time its made us stronger and appreciate the loyalty and respect our partner shows us. Leo Try not to be emotionally manipulative cus you will get the horns! and Taurus try not to explode too much even tho leo enjoys getting a reaction out of us. bottom line leo and taurus work when your both family and goal orientated. wouldnt trade my leo for all the money in the world!!!!!!

  13. I am a Leo woman but never dated a Taurus man until now . We have been talking off and on for about 9mos but, I left him alone for a while because he did not communicate well and with a LEO that is important I did not know where I stood with him that was hard to deal with yet , he continued to message me it was quite confusing ! Although I moved on because of his lack of communication, he talked back to me as if nothing ever occured but I lose my patience with him sometimes because it is hard for him to give attention and compliments ! I ask myself dam is he gay, is he not attracted to me ? etc I’ve even told him to leave me alone but he won’t ! He just gotta say something to me -goodmoring etc ! He also wants to take it slow but it’s going wade to slow ! But when I get mad at him about something he goes out his way to assure me that what I’m thinking is not the case(he tells me than show me) never had a man to do that I love that about him ! I don’t know where the relationship is going im lost but he never gives up I do though ! He pushes my patience to the limit ! I don’t really know how he feels about me ! I’m confused and I don’t really know what’s going on ! Could somebody please help me understand him because I don’t ! I feel like it’s to much distance and he does not give enough ! I don’t know ! If I’m really upset about something he calls to clear things up! I like that but why does it have to take all that for him to call ! he does interact very much that kinda makes it hard to build a relationship but he is slowly opening up to me !

  14. Ok. Where are these Leo guys meeting these jacked up Taurus women? A real Taurus will show you how it’s done. How you want it? Tease on the phone, you want it at work in the office, right when you get home, outside? When, how and where? I’ll stroke your ego and your body if you touch mine 😉 Love the roar (deep voice drives me crazy and that glare.) Play with a Taurus anytime. Leo’s know what I’m talking about. Psss…love roleplay, and yes if you want to switch roles we’re all for it with Dominatrix inside baby. I yearn to please, even if you want to be my master 😉 Tell me what you want and what’s my name baby? Oh yeah your willing Queen my King. RRaaaaarrrr…;) Leo’s get frustrated with my presence. I guess they since it. XD Taurus/Gemini May 17th baby

  15. I’ve been talking with my Leo male for only one month. I am intrigued by him. He is a great conversationalist, and appreciates my intelligence. I like his stories. The Leo seems confident which I like, and I have caught him in no lies yet. I keep stressing that I want to be friends until we know more about each other, but the Leo keeps insisting that I am going to be his lady because he can tell them I am loyal and that is what he is looking for. I think the Leo is right. However I am slow to move too quickly because I’m looking for stability and security in my mate. So what I want to know is can I believe what he tells me? Is he honorable? Is he honest? I’m pretty slow to anger, but when I do it can be explosive, if we disagree do I leave the room, or do battle? How do I keep the Leo feeling like a King, without letting him dominate the relationship? If we are ever sexually intimate, do I sit back and let him take control? So many questions!

    • I am a taurus female, been married to a Leo for 10+ years. Yes, he was very thoughtful and respectful when we first dated, and patient as well, so that helped me feel comfortable and trusting him cames easily. Even though we are complete opposites, we’ve learned a lot from another and with a lot of communication, our differences can be solved. Good luck!

  16. I am a Leo man, and my crush is a female Taurus. I need some advise of how to approach her, she works in human resource, so it’s tricky to just ask her. We see each other at times, and I feel a connection. I just can’t seem to pull the trigger and ask her out. What do you Taurus women recommend?

    • My suggestion is to take her to the nicest dinner you can afford. A cute bouquet of wildflowers could help. Talk a lot. If you sense an attraction – ask for the sale! If you aren’t sure…invite her out again. Go to a museum (do some homework on an exhibit, first!) if she likes that sort of thing. If she likes a certain kind of music – do a concert and drinks! Good luck!

    • Be patient! Actions speaks louder than words for us, but remember keep your words also because we always remember that too. Lol we look for honesty & security with relationships, so make sure that’s a priority and it can work!

  17. I am a Taurus woman who’s friends with a Leo male .. & As far as i can see we would make a powerful & passionate match because he is an amazing man.. such a sweet heart & a gentle man . our friendship is fun & honest we both are looking for the same things in a partner but his past relations has left him torn so the Leo is taking his time to heal from it.. if our relationship develops into romance i have no doubt that we’ll be able to satisfy each others needs both emotionally & physically .. the Leo has a beautiful heart & an amazing soul i pray everyday for the chance to give him all he desires & more ♥

  18. Honestly I believe that Taurus ladies are so pleased with Leo’s but Leo’s cant stand them at all yeah Taurus can feel all that lovy dovy stuff because we as Leos know how to treat a lady or a lady Leo to a man but we all know that Leos n Taurus are very possessive yeah Leos may not go to far but Taurus no matter what will not stop till they make them self feel like the dominant Taurus are very rowdy while Leos are very quiet we both know its not gonna b either ways but we still argue to see who wins even tho we know its a waist of time yeah Taurus r very selfish and could only express them selves thru writing but never very up front always acting so hard.

  19. Wow… some of the comments that I read match exactly how I feel about my Leo! I am a Taurus & we’ve been together for about 8 months & I’m still young, 19 yrs old to be exact. But I just feel like the Leo is really the one, I prayed for a man like him & god sent him to me, a Taurus! We’ve been thru so much , so much that could of possibly tore us apart but we made it thru those obstacles.. I believe if we made it this far thru so much bs we can make it thru ANYTHING! I don’t want to jinx it but I hope to be w my Leo for the rest of my life. Seriously

    • Hey trust me! He will be yours forever if you really love each other! My husband is a Leo and I’m Taurus, just married but we met when we were 18! Now 8 years together!

  20. I’m a Taurus woman and I’ve been with my Leo for almost 5 yrs. We are each others perfect compliment. I treat my Leo every part the King that he is and he showers me with affection. He’s shown me a whole new life and I’ve shown him a whole new love. We’ve had everything thrown at us to tear us a part but our loyalty to each other has always brought us through. I’m still just as stubborn as ever. But I’ve learned to pick my battles and the 1 thing I’m most stubborn about is making us work. I never give up on my Leo and he never lets me go. Saying this Taurus and Leo match never works is bull. When it does its powerful and amazing. Good communication and total honesty keep us strong.

  21. It was May nineteenth when I met my Taurus lover, I instantly fell for her but even though we had our ups and downs. I unexpectedly didn’t know she was going to be at this party I was at and she completely ignored me and for three weeks we didn’t talk til the day before my birthday, and two days later we hung out and that’s where we started off, and being with the Taurus was always so special and I’d always have to hold her hand wherever we would go. She’d stay with me a couple days and we missed each other so much, and I would drive thirteen miles to her house that day I’d drop her off.. We really couldn’t stop seeing each other. Everything about the Taurus was amazing, so I bought her gifts because she meant a lot to me and it was hard for her to accept but eventually made her ha ha. Sadly tho, the Taurus’ father got into a bad car accident and broke up with me in September because she was going through so much and being stressful… It crushed me and for two months we didn’t talk to each other.. Except argue and have everything going to shit. Now, the Taurus made up her mind about our relationship isn’t worth fixing, but shes just being stubborn and I’m always down to ride for my girl… She just needs to find that spark for our fire we once had.

  22. I’m a Taurus Woman and I’ve been dating my Leo Man for 8 months now. He’s very Charming , sweet , loving etc. i believe he was heaven sent. Even though we been together for only 8 months it feels like forever. I honestly believe that any sign is compatible , it depends on the person because I’m real open and honest with my Leo lover and he appreciates it. He tells me all the time how beautiful i am , how much he loves me , he don’t ever want to leave me , and he has almost gotten to the point of breaking down. I’m in love with my Leo man , he is EVERYTHING ! 3.12.13 <3

  23. – i am a Taurus female and I’ve dated a Leo guy also, we dated a year ago now, but we broke up in January. And then went ghost and recently found each other off and on when we first dated i fell in love then i noticed how the Leo guy was more outside person I’d rather be home. I thought he was immature then after the breakup because of school, few months past here we go again now he is a home person and I’m outside person, but i fell in love with his charm all over again. We, Taurus female and Leo guy, aren’t back together yet but when we kiss it feels like the first time i get a bubbly feeling and butterflies. He matured. I see myself with the Leo for the rest of my life. Lets see…

  24. I’m a Taurus woman in a relationship with a Leo man. He is great awesome loving sweet everything god could have blessed in a man. Its just I’ve been so hurt in my past its hard to trust and then begins the problems. I’m so scared of losing the Leo man that days come where I practically run him away. Its not my intentions but I’ve never been loved like this before. I know him and he knows me I’m just really hoping this isn’t a phase. Its hard loving the Leo man (communicating) because he is so quiet to his self and then there’s me the fire ball I just feel like I’m too much at times for him and he will leave me.. idk?! I pray it works out…#fingerscrossed

    • I too am a female Taurus dating a Leo man. Our relationship we believe was no accident. I have known him for over 17 yrs we dated briefly back then and years later we always remained in contact through out the years but maybe a year ago and what I believe too was the right timing…we started to look at each other in a different way but one of the most important things we did was begin to pray on what god want out of us in this relationship…prayer is very powerful! I love this Leo man with every fiber in me and I never thought I could love like this again. I was prepared to except that I have had good but I thought my turn was up in receiving someone like this…almost to the point of feeling like damaged goods! lol This Leo man is a god sent man! He makes everyday feel like it’s our first day…he has a passion for god and it explodes through his actions and for this I know I god a special gift from above in my LEO MAN! I notice I said MAN!!!! #feelingblessedandhighlyfavored

  25. I must say, my Taurus man (Iam a Leo woman), is by far the sexiest man to walk the earth. We slept together for months before we ever touched, the electricity between us when we finally did was out of this world. We co-parent our kids, we are a couple from the word go. Its hard for me being a leo to give him his space, but Iam working on it, nothing I wouldn’t do for this man. I will never love another man in my lifetime as I love him.

  26. i love my Leo man but he gets on my damn nerves at times. he thinks he know every thing and he doesn’t like to be wrong but what reels me in is he can be so sweet sometimes but sweet turns bitter.this relationship between these two signs, Leo and Taurus, takes hard work. good luck

  27. I’m a 27 year old Leo Man and have had 2 relationships with Taurus women. Each relationship lasted close to a year. It is always great till 2-3 months into the relationship. Their stubbornness and selfishness always shows. The sex was ok, I blew both their Taurus minds while we were in bed. The best sex is with other fire signs, especially Aries and Leo women. Sagittarius just talks too much and say’s dumb things during sex.
    Taurus women always have to be competitive and also talk about their past boyfriends, quite pathetic. Then when you do get in an argument the Taurus woman never says she is sorry, even when she is dead wrong. Leo man don’t lose fights/arguments, we fight to the death. Taurus just keep charging at us with their horns, but always lose the battle and they get too scarred. Then the relationship always gets ruined. I will never date a Taurus again.
    I’m with a Leo woman now and It is a great combo. She knows how to satisfy every need emotionally and sexually. When we fight, no lie, WE FIGHT. But, always lick each others wounds and forget about the petty things. We both are successful in our careers and spoil each other. Leo’s have to be with a fire sign. Water or earth signs just don’t do it for us Leo Men.

      • I’m born around that time. Depends on the Taurus. I honor being upfront and truthful and live to please my man. If a Taurus truly loves you she’ll put in the effort. Guys often over look the right women and go to the wrong women. I have all signs after me, even when their taken. Surprising since I’m just being myself and don’t flirt on purpose. Guess they see the real mature women in me.

  28. Leo man here, i mean my wife is a Taurus and maybe it’s just her but the longer we are together the more we see we are so opposite…. I like to be on the scene and go out and ask her all the time to go out with me… Nope, she stays at home….I have to have friends, the Taurus doesn’t really care about friends but if a good one comes along then she ok, I love to talk she hates it and dreads going places with me because she’s afraid I’m going to just start making new friends everywhere I go and talk forever( and I do this) she needs to be in law enforcement because she knows every rule and detail about everything and makes sure to let me know when I’m not following it…. However, the Taurus woman is beautiful classy, a lady, unique and also a very good women and I can see her being a great mother when we have kids (if) that’s what attracted me to her but wow it’s been kinda crazy but I believe in love so if anyone is making this Leo and Taurus thing work I seriously happy for you hopefully we can too…. Typical for Taurus and Leo, she is good with finances and budgeting and I’m good at making money….

  29. Sizzling! That is how much power and magnetism goes on into my relationship with my Leo man. Communication is important. We talk about everything. If we disagree, we cool off knowing it is not the end of us and come back to loving each other the next day.
    Sex is the glue. That is key to us. And do not ever give into each others wants. Show affection and devotion, but not obedience. The fun is in taking down each other, being competitive, feed off each others energies and explode in bliss. The spark is never out here.

  30. I am a Taurus female and have been with my Leo honey for almost 2 years, I love him to death!!! we complement each other so well.. he is so wonderful. as a Taurus what I love most about him is that he is so warm and loving. He gives me a lot of attention when we are together and praises me. He is THE BEST kisser and it is just MAGICAL! He is a true lion a boss in his relationships and his work. He is a king and needs admiration and respect. As a Taurus, being somewhat traditional this role that he plays works perfectly for me because I like a traditional relationship. I admire him and respect him. but it goes deeper. I admire and respect and love his soul. I can see right through him, and he is so caring and so wonderful. He makes me feel so safe.
    The bedroom is AMAZING!!!!!! BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!
    I think the key to any relationship is give and take and to have fun. I think part of what he loves about me is my goofy side ……most of us Taurus people are very serious by nature, but I am the bubbly kind of Taurus……He also loves that I can laugh so many things off…..or just laugh a lot in general..it also makes him happy to see me happy.
    Overall, this is an amazing love match if you can communicate properly and make sure both of your needs are met as these two signs are also both stubborn.
    The way that we overcome this is that we recognize how much we care about each other and we both give in….. our love is more important than any argument. 🙂

    • I am a Taurus woman..the bubbly type, and I met a LEO man 2 days ago. We haven’t been together in the bedroom but so far he is everything I have ever wanted in a man and he loves my bubbles. I understand what you mean by being safe. He makes me feel good and blessed that we met.

  31. I was attracted to him the moment I laid eyes in him. I can still remember the exact moment I looked up and he was standing there. He tried many times different ways to approach me. I was terribly shy around him, he knew it. Today, 9 months later I’m completely smitten and love how he reacts to me. Its been a learning experience every step yet very rewarding. He’s so fun and wise. It feels like we’re loving backwards. We fell in love now we’re figuring out how to live with it.

  32. I am a Leo man and I dated a Taurus woman for a while. Some horoscopes say that Leos are selfish and egotistical. Well, if we are I’d like to remark that Taurus woman are probably the most selfish and egotistical beings on this planet. I was only able to get along with the Taurus woman when we did exactly what she wanted and when she wanted it. There was no compromising with the Taurus whatsoever! Our date didn’t last for very long. The Leo man couldn’t take the Taurus woman any longer. Had to let her go rather quickly. cu Taurus girl!

    • Oi what’s your problem!! now do as your told and take that crap down #tauruswomen lol well I know us Taurus women can be strong minded but so my Leo man. We work perfectly together and always as a team. The main thing in our relationship is laughter and extremely compatible in the other areas. It’s taken a long time to find him and I would always take his feelings into consideration x

  33. Hello, I think Leo and Taurus make great friends, but are not very good for a love relationship. At least my fling with a Leo man didn’t last for very long 😉 – sorry Leo, just two stars for you!

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