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Compatibility Virgo and Scorpio

Compatibility Virgo The Virgo woman is a perfectionist who lives by routines and schedules. The Scorpio man is impulsive and follows his rules alone. He wants to dominate and that is his intention. The Virgo woman likes to plan, make carefully detailed descriptions, and critique everything until it is perfect including her Scorpio mate. This will never work if they do not both agree to accept their differences and work together to make each other happy. They can be a good couple and have a long lasting relationship together if they are willing to work hard enough on it.

Compatibility Scorpio In the bedroom, Virgo and Scorpio make a great couple and sex is explosive. It takes a little work and prodding to get Virgo out of her shy attitude, but when Scorpio does his secret move he can turn her into his own Sex Goddess. Sex is an emotional experience for a Scorpio but this is not the case for his female Virgo. She does not get too into emotions when having sex and is actually a little turned off by Scorpio’s romantic passion for her.

Scorpio is mysterious, even secretive at times and this worries the Virgo because she has to know what is going on. Virgo does not like surprises, Scorpio does. Scorpio wants romance and tenderness and Virgo does not want to be bothered with it. Their differences however give them things to laugh about in the bedroom. Virgo and Scorpio enjoy talking and this is a huge help to adding longevity to their relationship. Communication will help both the Virgo and Scorpio work out their differences and begin to trust each other. Other than that, Virgo and Scorpio can be very compatible signs when it comes to love and sex and make a great love match.

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  1. I didn’t know it was possible to love someone as much as I love him. Yet he broke my heart and the worst part is I have absolutely no idea why.

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