Dog – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Dog:

Personality and Characteristics of the Dog

The Dog -狗

Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog are particularly faithful and agreeable companions. They make wonderful friends, lovers or family members and contribute greatly to society as a whole. Chinese dogs are very helpful people in general. Dogs will speak out against injustice wherever it is witnessed. Surprisingly, the Dog is not an overly social sign and will have trouble connecting and socializing in larger groups.

Dogs are very agreeable if you are friendly with them, but can become unhappy or aggressive if you rub them the wrong way. Wise and usually quite serious, the dog may complain about many things early in life, but as they get older they generally become less and less critical about the world around them.

Dogs are very emotional in relationships and usually quite straightforward and honest in relationships. However, the Dog is a constant worrier in relationships and will often drive potential partners away with constant instability and a general uneasiness that something could be wrong, when often there was nothing awry.

The Female Dog

The female Dog is known as a very kind and warm soul. She will find herself in a position where she has many admirers professing their true love for her on a frequent basis. While this is flattering for her, the female Dog will have trouble selecting a mate from those who show her admiration, as she is an untrusting sort.

The Dog female usually has quite high standards for their mates and may have a hard time finding something to live up to them. Even when the Dog woman finally does find someone who meets her needs, she will be slow to accept them and open up to them, often taking long periods of time to reciprocate their love.

The Dog woman is known to have an unusually grim sense of humor and it can rub those who are not used to it the wrong way. She is ambitious and has the talents needed to go far in business and in life. The Dog woman will couple this ambition with a knack for good conversation and patience, leading her to be a stable and dependable person that many can count on.

The Male Dog

The Dog male is well known for his sensual and passionate lovemaking. He is tender and meaningful and enjoys sharing his passions with the mate of his choosing. The Dog man will find that he is in constant need of approval from his mate and therefore will often go out of this way to make them happy.

Like his animal counterpart, the male Dog is exceptionally loyal to those he loves and trusts. He enjoys being part of a family and is a capable father and husband. The Dog man is not quick at making new friends, but once he does, they are often allies until death. This is especially true if you are working with a member of the Dog sign, as they view business partners as unparalleled companions.

Overall the Dog is a symbol of respect, loyalty and unselfish conviction. They are a perfect family member, lover or friend.

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