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Ox and Horse

Ox and Horse – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Ox The Ox and Horse relationship is not always a love match made in the heavens. The Ox female is stubborn and does not speak well. The Horse who loves to talk is not impressed right away with the Ox. He finds her too simple for his liking. The Ox male is very quiet but can be obnoxiously glued to his perceptions at times.

The female Horse spends a lot of time on the telephone and talking to her friends. This can anger her Ox man and cause a lot of hidden tension and resentment on his part.

Chinese Compatibility Horse Although the Ox and Horse are not a typical cute couple, they can work hard to make a relationship last longer than the dating phase. They can learn to communicate with each other on a better level and starting in the bedroom is probably the best place to start talking. The Ox is very quiet and reserved in the bedroom so this gives the Horse plenty of room to talk. Learning how to listen is key for the Horse. Talking is so much a part of the daily routine for a Horse that learning to listen is hard but not impossible. Learning patience and communication can cement a relationship if these two Chinese zodiac signs are willing to work hard enough.

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