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Ox and Ox

Ox and Ox – Chinese Compatibility – Chinese Astrology

Chinese Compatibility Ox Chinese astrology has shown that the Ox and Ox combination in the zodiac signs makes a very sweet and loving couple. These two are very honest and patient with each other and everyone around them. Ox and Ox are simple and straightforward. What you see is what you get with an Ox man or woman.

At times, these two can be too quiet and can seem to ignore each other. This is fixed easily with some time spent working on communication. Ox and Ox make a great love match and can spend a lifetime together if they learn to communicate their feelings without becoming too stubborn to talk to each other.

Chinese Compatibility Ox The sexual relationship evolves slowly with these two. Oxen are tender and patient, they will wait for the right moment to come along. It is not uncommon for the Ox to be a virgin on her wedding night. They will spend many hours of playful, lovemaking and quiet interludes at home. Each will find subtle ways of pleasing the other and love making will last into long hours of the wee morning. Although the Ox and Ox do not explode and shower fireworks throughout the bedroom they are a passionate and very romantic couple in the bedroom. Trusting each other is important in the relationship, both sexually and in love.

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