Pig – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Pig:

Personality and Characteristics of the Pig

The Pig -豬

Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the noble Pig are easily the most sincere and pure of the Chinese zodiac symbol. Admirable and caring they will never betray your trust once you have placed it with them. Pig signs strive to do everything correctly and are a just people.

While generally always hoping to achieve perfection, they can also take it a step too far and become snobbish. It isn’t because Pigs are overtly rude but rather because they concentrate so intensely on their breeding, grooming and manners. Like the Monkey, they have a great thirst for knowledge, yet the Pig is a bit more intellectual in their pursuit of it.

Pig signs are wonderful companions as long as you are on their good side. Cross them however and you will have a fearsome enemy until the wrong has been righted. Never attempt to force opinion or judgment on them, as this is a sure fire way to upset the Pig.

The Female Pig

The female Pig is a deep and true lover. She will not enter into a physical relationship until an emotional one has been well established. This can take a long time for the female Pig, but once she has found it, it is likely to last a lifetime. Adventurous in other areas of life but not the bedroom, you will find the Pig woman prefers to keep things tame in the bedroom.

She prefers a warm and trusting environment for her relationship to grow in. The Pig woman will nurture an open and honest atmosphere for the relationship to thrive. Sentimental by nature, it is easy for her to become too attached and emotionally smothering for her mate, so the female Pig must take care not to push away her companion with her constant attention and affection.

As a hostess the female Pig is well known for her hospitality and food. She is overtly polite and quite popular in all social circles. The Pig woman is quick to forgive and will not stay mad at anyone for any extended period.

The Male Pig

While usually ending in marriage the male Pig will find himself in many chaotic relationships until he finds the perfect mate. The Pig man is generally rather open about sex and communicates well in the bedroom. If rejected by one partner, the male Pig will most often have no trouble finding another until he settles on his chosen mate.

The Pig male has a rough time in business transactions, often being duped by others with a greater ability to barter and deal. He will prefer the finer things in life such as expensive foods and wines, and will accept them with impeccable manners.

While his extravagant spending early in life may leave him wanting for cash, the Pig man will often find that money is no object in later life as he begins to become much more adept at managing money and understanding his place in the world; especially among the business savvy.

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