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The Meanings of the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards – The Star:

Tarot Card Meaning - The Star

Introduction to The Star

The Star is Key 17 in the Major Arcana in a Tarot deck. It is the card of hope and love. The Star denotes optimism and love of humanity. The zodiac sign of Aquarius and its ruling planet of Uranus rule the Star.

The Star is depicted in many traditional and online Tarot decks with a nude maiden who is kneeling by a pool beneath. She is shown pouring water from two pitchers. The figure’s rule over both cosmic dimensions are often further symbolized in the Star by the maiden having one foot free on dry land and the other foot in the pool of water. A spiraling star is shown above her, symbolizing both rebirth and eternal hope.

Faith and trust in the future are suggested by the Star. This is the card of promises and good health. The Star is one of the sunniest cards of the Major Arcana. The Star makes for an adopted birth card for all those represented by the Star include astronomers, astrologists, humanitarians, female children and philanthropists. It is the birth card of those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The Star one of the secondary birth cards for those with the primary birth card of Strength as well.

The Star Upright

The Star upright is a very positive card to appear in a Tarot reading, It suggests relying on one’s own intuition for guidance and to develop a special talent. The Star cancels all possible meanings of the Devil card when both cards appear in a Tarot spread. Especially good luck is indicated with the Star preceding or following the Wheel of Fortune card, but if the Star precedes the reversed Wheel of Fortune (rx) wishful thinking is possible. When the Star precedes the Emperor card, it denotes a pleasant and ordered existence. If the Star precedes the Empress, success is assured through strong ambition.

If the Star is before the Tower card in a Tarot reading, a breakthrough is consciously desired and will occur. If the Star is before the Magician card, mastery will certainly be achieved with regards to a much-loved subject or project. If the Star follows the Magician, a new creative project will bring both happiness and sexual fulfillment.

The Star Reversed (RX)

The reversed Star (rx) card can mean pessimism, intolerance and a lack of self-esteem. It often means help is being rejected. The reversed Star (rx) appearing in Tarot readings often has the meaning a problem of self-defeatism. When the reversed Star (rx) is before the Tower card, change is inevitable and will be for the better. The reversed Star before or after upright Strength card indicates mind will prevail over matter, but if the Strength card is reversed itself in the reading, emotional problems are affection those of a physical nature.

The Star appearing in Tarot readings before the Temperance card suggests meanings that a negative situation will soon improve the situation, but if the reversed Star (rx) follows Temperance, it means a case of not seeing the forest for the trees despite free will. If the reversed Star (rx) appears in a Tarot reading before Temperance, it takes the meaning that one is operating in a hostile and intolerant environment. If the reversed Star (rx) follows the reversed Temperance (rx) card, it means the situation looks far more hopeless than it actually is.

The reversed Star (rx) before the reversed Judgment (rx) card signifies low expectations that will result in an unhappy but not unsurprising ending, but if Judgment is upright, prior expectations will be greatly exceeded. The reversed Star (rx) before or after the reversed Wheel of Fortune (rx) is a time to cut one’s losses, but if the Wheel of Fortune appears in the Tarot reading, all meanings indicate that luck will change for the better and soon.

The Star in Regards to Love, Sex and Relationships

The Star indicates hope and possibilities in love and sexual relationships. It is a card of friendship and understanding. Relationships, sexual or otherwise hold future hope and promise whenever the Star card appears in a Tarot reading. The Star suggests mutual friendship and firm promises. Insight and guidance from others are also possible when the Star appears in a reading.

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