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The Meanings of the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards – The Sun:

Tarot Card Meaning - The Sun

Introduction to The Sun

The Sun is Key 19 of the Major Arcana in Tarot decks. The Sun is the card of the essence of happiness and life. Wealth along with the enjoyment of the simpler things in life are represented by the Sun card in a Tarot reading. The Sun is ruled by the planet Sun of astrology.

Many online Tarot decks depict a powerful sun shedding its warmth on two children that perhaps are twins. The Sun beams radiant rays down on the children, who are often shown in traditional and online decks playing with a low brick wall in the background. The brick wall represents the strong and protective powers of the sun as well as its vast strength. Some Tarot decks show sunflowers peeking over the wall to reinforce the connection with the sun. The children represent the simple innocence and enjoyment represented by the Sun.

Illumination and insight are associated with the Sun. This is the card of children, optimists and energetic people. The Sun is a birth card for those born under the zodiac sign of Leo.

The Sun Upright

Success and happiness are the major themes of the Sun card upright. It is a card that can denote health, opportunity and triumph. Often, success in agricultural or scientific pursuits is indicated in a Tarot reading where the Sun appears.

When the Sun follows the Tower card in a Tarot reading, meanings indicate good will come out of evil. If the Sun is followed by the Star card, inspiration in love and sex will be at an all-time high. If both the Sun and the Lovers cards are next to each other in any Tarot reading, a romantic affair will be pleasant and fulfilling. The appearance of the Sun following the Devil card indicates that work and play and love and sex will meld together, but when the reversed Devil (rx) card appears instead, emotional chains will be broken and one will finally feel free.

The joy and happiness inherent in the Sun is further amplified whenever the Sun card appears with the Strength card in a Tarot reading. When the Sun is before the Hermit card, one will enjoy being alone more than with others, but if the Sun follows the Hermit, gatherings of many people will be preferred over solitude. If the Sun is in a Tarot reading along with the Fool card, outdoor entertainment will prove to be the better form of entertainment as opposed to an indoor activity.

The Sun Reversed (RX)

The reversed Sun (rx) card is not usually negative but can be a warning against a lack of self-confidence and stamina. Often, the reversed Sun (rx) has the same meanings as it does when it is upright when it comes to happiness and success, but to a lesser degree.

The Sun (rx) reversed in a reading usually means partial or delayed success. If the reversed Hanged Man (rx) appears before the reversed Sun (rx) in a Tarot spread, there will be mixed results after a goal is finally achieved. When the Sun appears before the Hanged Man card, it means a prolonged but not terminal illness will be overcome. Whenever the reversed Sun (rx) appears with the Strength card, physical weakness due to a chronic condition is indicated. When the reversed Sun (rx) appears with the Moon card, emotional difficulties will be conquered, but if the reversed Moon (rx) is present instead, mood swings will prove to be detrimental.

If the reversed Sun (rx) is near the Wheel of Fortune or the Chariot card in a Tarot reading, luck will change for the better and small gambling gains are possible, When the reversed Sun (rx) appears before the Fool, a fear of failure needs to be overcome in order to proceed.

The Sun in Regards to Love, Sex and Relationships

Simplicity in love and sexual relationships is implied by the presence of the Sun card in a Tarot reading. Much enjoyment and happiness in love and relationship whenever the Sun card appears. The Sun can also suggest a public social occasion and celebration. The Sun appearing in a reading often means a reunion with a childhood friend that starts a relationship all over again. Sex and platonic friendship are both common meanings of the Sun in a Tarot spread.

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