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The Tower and The Chariot vs. Judgement and The High Priestess

Tarot Compatibility Meter

Along the way, should the love and affections of these birth cards be shared and explored, what might the compatibility meter indicate for the outcome?

Reading steadfast on the compatibility meter, “The Tower and The Chariot” is a tarot birth card pair of impressive hope and potential. Leading its own way through life, fully commanding and in control, “The Tower and The Chariot” is a birth card pair of accomplishment and solid resolution. Incredibly willful and strong by nature, there is no telling what “The Tower and The Chariot” can accomplish once it sets its mind to it.

Determined and resourceful, even the impossible obstacles of love are made fleeting by the determination and strength of “The Tower and The Chariot.” Heavy and oppressive, however, even “The Tower and The Chariot” may find love and romance initially an awkward process to partake in. On the positive side, “The Tower and The Chariot” is often a centripetal force to those around it, which provides meanings of potential for love and relationships to pass by consistently and with abundance for these birth cards. Further intimidating and protective, “The Tower and The Chariot” treats all matters of love and romance respectfully and with deliberate regard.

Reading with compatibility in mind, “Judgement and The High Priestess” is also fairly inattentive with regard to love and romance. Oftentimes becoming distracted and preoccupied with its own self-imposed rules and expectations, “Judgement and The High Priestess” may not initially place emphasis or much meanings upon the achievement of such relationships. Seeking excellence and perfection, “Judgement and The High Priestess” is then consequently rather limited in selection material. In search of only the best and most perfect, meanings of love and romance must accordingly come in a certain package; one which fits neatly in compatibility with excellence and greatness.

Discovering each other in romance, however, neither one is too far off from what they desire. Alone, “Judgement and The High Priestess” is limited by the natural everyday occurrences of life. With an innate passion for new beginnings, however, “Judgement and The High Priestess” may wish to be free of such burden. Consequently, by the characteristics and traits of “The Tower and The Chariot” these dreams of explorations and discovery are now a possibility. Important to keep in mind, trade-offs such as these are critical to the sustainability and success of long term relationships.

Judgement and The High Priestess

Tarot Compatibility The High PriestessTarot Compatibility JudgementStubbornly capable, “Judgement and The High Priestess” are tarot birth cards which focus on the meanings of not the common, but the uncanny.

To begin, Judgement is a birth card very much aware and supportive of life’s complexities. A candidate for change and new awakenings, Judgement applies itself to fresh beginnings and new starts. In relationship, this attitude towards love and romance may then open up doors leading to endless possibilities.

Silently smug and determinant, The High Priestess birth card appears righteous and with an air of omniscience, quite content. For The High Priestess, possessing an innate pompousness, her projection of self-realization may prove arrogant to others. Consequently, she may initially be perceived as cold and unapproachable to acts of love and romance.

In spread, these birth cards bring to the tarot deck an ability to ascend. Representing the beginning and eventual product of growth, “Judgement and The High Priestess” embark upon the exploration of all that is perfection.

The Tower and The Chariot

Tarot Compatibility The ChariotTarot Compatibility The TowerSolid and consistent, “The Tower and The Chariot” birth cards stand for all that is fruitful in acts of perseverance and accomplishment.

Powerful and central to those around it, The Tower birth card commands the attention and acknowledgement of its observers. Indeed, it is in this regard that The Tower might not understand or find compatible any relationship where this dynamic could not be appropriately preserved. Potentially confrontational, it is with a looming sense that love and romance for The Tower might seem initially unexpected or even further intimidating.

Similarly balanced and steadfast, The Chariot birth card takes on the imperative by any means necessary. Through considerate preparation, a determined and balanced course of action is what The Chariot ultimately relies upon. As such, the journey of love and romance for The Chariot may often follow the same grounded and controlled mindset as well.

Together willful, confident, and resilient, “The Tower and The Chariot” are a tarot birth card pair which from tarot deck to spread, offer protection in both bold and varied capacities for the purposes of a common goal.

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