Tiger – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Tiger:

Personality and Characteristics of the Tiger

The Tiger – 虎

Tigers are a strong and fearless people who are respected for their courage. Tigers make great leaders and will stand up and fight for what they believe in. Charming and magnetic, many find the Tiger difficult to resist. While they can be considered self-serving at times, the Tiger is also a creature of giving and generosity.

The same warmth and urgency that drives the passion of the Tiger causes some conflict. Hard working and enthusiastic, the Tiger will usually take over a project or task completely in their eagerness to finish it. Money is never the goal of the Tiger, only success in a given endeavor. The Tiger not only wishes to complete a given task, but also do it right the first time. This pride in work translates into wealth for the Tiger when they need it most.

As passionate, fire driven creatures, the Tiger are intense lovers and pros at dating. Tigers burn hot with passions and romance but will have a hard time to keep this intensity under control, which can spell danger for a lover.

The Female Tiger

The Tiger woman is graceful and glamorous. She will never have issues finding a lover in this world. This can present challenges for her, as the female Tiger may have a hard time picking the correct mate. It is important for her to find someone who shares the same passions in life instead of just the passions of the moment.

Tiger women will resist domestic partnerships, often feeling that settling down is against their nature. The Tigress will view long-term partnerships and marriage as a cage and will prefer the hunt and excitement of chasing after lovers and leaping into relationships for the short term.

Short attention spans and an intense need to experience constant change can be a fierce obstacle for the Tiger woman. Passionate and irresistible, she will live fast and rebuke the neediness of others.

The Male Tiger

The fire of a Tiger man is intense and passionate, but short lived. Male Tigers will charge into a relationship ready for anything, but will abandon it as soon as it turns dull or boring. The Tiger man believes in love at first sight and once he finds a woman he may fall in love immediately and completely. Due to their strong personality, it may be hard for the object of their affection to resist this impulse.

The Tiger sign is the most masculine of the entire Chinese Zodiac and thus manhood is very important to them. Any insult to their strength or virility can invoke instant rage and fight. Unlike what many may think, the Tiger man is actually a peaceful sign, and provoking the male Tiger usually requires a good deal of effort. Natural born leaders, Tigers will be quick to take charge of a situation or project and lead it to its eventual perfect completion. The Tiger man is strong willed and he relies on his own judgment and impulses to move forward in life. He will set a target and propel toward it with unflinching determination.

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