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Compatibility Pisces and Virgo

Compatibility Pisces The Virgo and Pisces combination is one that either works really well or does not work at all, which is very typical for opposite signs. This is good at times because opposites do attract but sometimes differences can be too hard to overcome.
The Virgo woman is very neat, organized, and critical of everything. She strives for perfection and is never confused about her goals in life. The Virgo woman is very demanding of those around her and expects them to be as much of a perfectionist as she is. This can create feelings of aggravation and depression in a Pisces man.

Compatibility Virgo The Pisces man is one who is very artistic, spiritual, and detached from reality, at times. He often drifts off into his own world forgetting what he needs to do or what is important. Pisces is very sensitive and tends to become moody when others are suffering around him. He lives in his own reality at times which can really bother a Virgo woman.

In the bedroom, the Virgo female and male Pisces get along in the beginning. The Virgo woman wants to stick to a routine sex schedule and the Pisces man can’t keep a regular schedule much less a sexual schedule. He wants his Virgo woman to prove her love in emotional ways and connect with him on spiritual levels. The Virgo gets annoyed with Pisces’ indecisive nature and feels as if he can take nothing seriously. This pair can only work if they can iron out their differences and respect each other for being different; otherwise they are done before they begin. The dating horoscope for these two is terrible, they should remain friends if anything.

39 thoughts on “Compatibility Pisces and Virgo

  1. Pisces woman and a Virgo man here…I can honestly say I have never been more aggravated with anyone I’ve ever been with that him .He feel head over heels in love with me in 2 hrs moon eyes and all..total turn off… He is not a doer he is lazy as hell.. He does things to piss me off on purpose..He says he’ll do things and never does and he breaks everything he touches..Lol he is my roommate thank god for me its nothing more ..He is way to clingy and tries to compete with me.. Sorry hard to ever get ” one-up” on a Pisces. I know your BC comes into play here..but, too many differences to ho the mile for a Virgo man.

  2. Was with a Pisces for 6 years. Cheated on me 5 times and always secretive. When we split up in the third year for 6 mths he stalked me, although he was the one who wanted out. Eventually we got back together it lasted a year, too much water under the bridge. But we have now been apart 10 mths he refuses my text and emails. Finally yesterday he responded that we should just go our separate ways. I’m still in love with this cheating asshole for some reason. And I told him, and he says well we can work on being friends thru text, but I can’t talk to you every day I’m trying to heal?? He has a promiscuous side. When he is single he sleeps with everything and anything. He is so wish u washy I can’t tell after 10 mths if he still loves me or not? How can I tell, should I still pursue what my heart tells me? Or how the hell do I get over this man? He did me so wrong but yet I still love him?? I need help any Pisces men have any advice?

    • I am a pisces in love with a virgo. Do not lie to a pisces cause he is sharp he checks on you without you knowing.if you keep lying to him he will give you many chances be for he gets fed up an runs away.but goes too have secret affairs ..let’s f

    • I’m a pieces… and I think u should beat up the dude… and then urself for loving someone as horrible as him.
      Move on life is too short to waste on this idiot.

    • I’m a pieces…….
      I’m gonna give u the facts…
      Most pieces r big fat losers…. it’s really hard for them to get a hold of themselves….
      When thinks get tough most quit.
      In relationships too…. things start to get bad most will quit and try again with someone else… then quit again then will text everyone of there ex-girlfriends…. everyone of them.

      Try to find those who r alittle more mature.

    • Don’t be scared at all! I’m a Virgo and have been with a Pisces man, and now we are married. It’s the best relationship I have EVER been in. He’s so caring and sweet and takes great care of me. Treats me like I’m a princess. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. We connect on every level and I don’t have any complaints! Go for it!!

  3. I’m met this pisces man via online, first look at him n I was gone, we started chatting instantly n connection felt so strong it was as if I’ve known him for eons. We chatted everyday for almost two weks n the emotional attachment got stronger. So we set up a date to meet up. I was so hapy to finally meet this wonderful man. Then in one of our conversation I mentioned that I met up with another one of the guys I was chatting to online the day before to let him know that I’ve met sombody special n I wasnt seing anybody else….oh my word all hell broke lose….how could you see another guy n not tell me bout it then, why r you hiding things from me, I do not trust you now, do not come over, I dont want to meet you now, did you go to make sure there was nothing there. It was as if he was analysing me n telling wat he thinks I was feeling at the time. I was shocked by his reaction, because to me meeting the other guy was important, as I have been dumped on the phone too many times, but I did not need to share that, it was wat I needed to do for myself n anyways it was like meeting a friend for coffee. We were in the online dating situation afterall….

    I was heart broken, because I had been on so many bad dates n was finally happy I’ve met somebody that could make me laugh n wanted to be with me. Words were exchanged n he would not change his mind. Did not talk to me for two days after that.

    Wat I can’t understand is how can somebody who says they have such a strong connection with you throw it all away over something so trivial. It was like he was not happy that he could not control the situation.

    Then out of the blue this morning he texted and asked if I was OK….he couldn’t bear see me hurt like this…WTF you’re causing me this pain by your behaviour of course I’m not Ok. Says he can only offer friendship at the moment, so because I want him in my life I said OK, but question is am I making a big mistake here, I still have strong feelings for him.

    He is not like any other man I’ve ever met before…n I’m willing to be his friend until he can learn to trust me again n wats to take things to the way it was…am I stupid to think that one day that might happen.

    • Do not let this man in your life I had a Pisces man for 4 years and he totally drained the life out of me very cunning and a great liar I was very loyal and trusting Pisces wear a mask take it off and they are just horrible people devoid of emotion mine made me cry so much he never apologised and he was weak steer clear there bad news.

  4. Okay so after reading all these comments, I’m so scared but shocked at the same time on how accurate this all is. I’m currently seeing a Pisces man and he always makes promises he can’t keep. I’m already so attached to him physically but his emotions seem so distant at times and the Pisces is not good at expressing himself. The problem with this is that it comes off as him not being interested. We just started seeing each other and there have been a lot of arguments. I feel as though it’s not headed in the right direction, any advice?

    • no not at all…..because until and unless u will not be with your Pisces guy, u will not understand him….i am Pisces ….i love Virgo girl….u r Virgo girl, so u need to be very caring about Pisces and Pisces are very kind hearted….my Virgo girl lives in Pune and m in Delhi….m from small town….the only thing i can say about u is know your Pisces guy more and more and you’ll love him….your sex life will also be very crazy which a Virgo girl demands….so go for it….i have seen many Virgo girls who love Pisces and are successful……Virgo girls cannot go good with Libra males….go with Pisces …

  5. I’m a Pisces man who dated a Virgo woman…. will never date another one! Virgo women attempt to TRY to read minds and feelings (try to analyze everything), are VERY insecure and jealous, VERY clingy….. they want to be all over you 24/7, and when they can’t they will try to spend the time they are away from you talking on the phone with you just to try to see what you are doing. Virgos feel you shouldn’t go anywhere without them and vice versa. They try to read your mind or moods or feelings and when they can’t get angry. Virgo women fall in love very easily (within the first week or two)….. they expect to be your number one priority, think they should be put ahead of your family and friends, attempt to use psychology or reverse psychology on you to get their Virgo way (the Pisces is too advanced for that to work)……they are just too needy. Virgos lack discipline when it comes to finances, and will blow money on pointless things…… people think all Pisces are hopeless romantic but this is not true. Pisces are dreamy, and do have problems making up their minds with certain things, but Pisces are very mystical, spiritual, and highly intelligent, disciplined when it comes to accomplishing their goals. A Pisces never wants to feel smothered, it will drain them, depress them and make them hate you or view you as annoying, and for these reasons a Pisces and Virgo should never attempt a relationship. Virgo women try to mother a man and Pisces is self sufficient and does not like that.

    • Wow! She really got to you. Probably because you Pisces men do live in another realm. And in that realm you sometimes float above reality and that’s fine. But when you step into the real world with a Virgo you BETTER have your big boy underwear on. This woman is no joke. However, I sense you are still young in the game of life and will forever remember the lessons learned from Virgo. I somehow believe another Virgo will surface in your life…you will be prepared.

    • That’s nothing like typical Virgo, she has issues or has other dominant signs in her chart. Virgos pride themselves on being independent and self sufficient. They do not fall in love easily because it’s not just initial feelings involved, she has to analyze the whole situation and understand and accept the other person’s traits first before her heart allows love in. I’m a Virgo with strong Leo influence in my chart and I’m affectionate but 100% independent and take my time with a guy. I think you just got unlucky!

      • I am Virgo and this seems to be true. We do over think. I think Virgo likes to stay guarded so they look at all possible outcomes

        • My goodness, I am a Virgo woman. Yes we analyze everything to the 100th power. Fall in love too fast, no…..become smitten and deeply interested, yes. People have told me that I’m too guarded, and I’m controlling. Guarded yes, controlling….heck no. I’m like this, I don’t want anyone to do anything that they are uncomfortable with. Oh and clingy, lol…..not even a little. I’ve been clung too, but I always want and need my space.

    • I’m a Virgo woman and you’re wrong. not all Virgo are alike. Your sun sign doesn’t depict your personality 100%. And Pisces aren’t all flighty out spaced out either. Don’t let one bad Apple ruin love for you.

      • my god i am a virgo woman dating a pisces man , and he is pissing me off i think gonna end it , sex is sooooo good but other than that i dont know where stands or where i stand i keep getting mixs signals.

        • I’m ready to follow your lead! I’m a Virgo girl dating a Pisces man; who is driving me crazy. He’s moody, secretive, and contradicts his intentions. However; the sex is wonderful and our chemistry it crazy. But, if you are a virgo woman you would know this is not all we want from a relationship. Truth of the matter; i find myself giving more then my pisces man. He lives in a fantasy world, and sends me mixed signals all the time. Virgos need stability, and the pisces is just not the one that will give it to them.

  6. I am a Pisces Woman who is now in a friendship with a Virgo man and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am a dreamer who is very loving, caring and passionate. Anyway my Virgo friend has intrigued me from the moment I met him. I am very picky about what I want. The Virgo man is very masculine and always smells so good. He is very intelligent and keeps me on my toes. I feel so alive around him and when we are together it feel like we have been friends for years. The Virgo is everything his sign reads and some and his mysterious side keeps me coming back for more of his knowledge. I feel deep down inside that he is my soul mate the man that I have dreamed of for so long. But until the Virgo man is ready to open his heart to me I can only sit and dream and hope that it is one day soon.

  7. I have known my Pisces man for 5 years and we mutually decided not to have any serious thing going on because I wasn’t sure of his love and I wanted someone else at that time. But my Pisces man is always available and he wants me desperately…We had great sex cos he was simply irresistible and absolutely caring. However, the Pisces man made his final decision to date someone else but he keeps calling me up for great sex..the last time I saw him, he was wearing a wedding ring, yet he says he is not married. And that he wears it to keep d girls away. Now…I have a feeling he is lying to me. I don’t know what to think of. …..I NEED SOME GOOD ADVICE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    • I have been married to a Pisces for 8 years and we separated 3 years ago. He finally came clean that he was cheating on me and at that time he was with one of our coworkers and was gonna move in with her and the Pisces had another child with a different woman. From day of our relationship the Pisces man cheated on then after we got married he never wore his ring and told everyone we weren’t together and we were. I am now raising 5 girls and he won’t spend time with them. The Pisces man has been with 3 different women since we split up. He was calling me for sex all the time and only wanted to come by for sex that’s it. I honestly don’t know if my Pisces man can ever be faithful to anyone.

    • Girl. They are the BEST when it comes to lies. They should all get together and write a book on the subject. He is not telling you the truth. Spend a few bucks and run a check on him. Even when you show him proof of his lies we will just tell another to cover up. They also are easily tempted to carry on more than one relationship. If he travels…look out! These are the type of men that can have women all over the world. Don’t walk away. RUN!!!!!

  8. I am a Virgo woman with a Pisces guy. Physically he is gorgeous and well attired. I am very, very attracted to him but his good looks fizzles out when I realize he’s not a man of his word. The Pisces says the things I want to hear but does not deliver. He is very nice but only when he realizes I’m loosing interest. Right now I am becoming very confused because he cares one minute and don’t feel like he does the next.

  9. Well, this has been going on for 10yrs now. Attracted to a Picses man, who I found out after 4yrs, felt the same. I was married when we met, and never acted on my feelings, and never did he for that same reason. After 4yrs, I was single and so was the Pisces man. We told each other how we felt, met up one day, kissed, and thought the other wasn’t interested!!!! Both of us turned fairly quickly elsewhere, and 6yrs later, we are both single and again, still letting each other know of our attraction. We are staying single, and hoping this time, after a decade, we finally allow our Pisces and Virgo attraction to grow.

  10. (cont).. Crushed the hell out of me to inbox the Pisces so that he could see how upset i was at the fact that he failed to mention his feelings for her n how serious they had become. Me on the outside feeling strung along heart broken n used. Hmm well i never want to see the Pisces anytime soon cause i might not be good. He played me n I’m women enough to admit that my patience allowed the Pisces man to slip into the arms of someone else. Great experience n lesson learned. Never get emotionally involved with a Pisces unless you know for sure they feel the same bc they will play on your emotions like a fiddle decide to be with someone else n then throw u in the ” friend zone” even tho you may have been intimate for years. Smh I loved him n ge ran from me.

  11. Well my experience with a Pisces man is crazy. Hard to explain n i get choked up an emotional thinking about him and i guess he clearly has now moved on. Met him n 06. We got to know each other on a intimate level sooner than expected n maybe that’s where we went wrong.. Who knows tho? Anyhow the Pisces has always be an in and out of my life type person with never an.explanation on what we were doing or our feelings. But being around the Pisces man felt perfect n i knew from the beginning that I wanted to spend each n every moment with him. We admired each other but he never really allowed or stuck around to get to know me n vise versa. Sometimes the Pisces would just pop up outta the blue expecting us to.pick up where we left off. I always wanted more n tried to.express it but I knew he had a situation going on n wasn’t planning on leaving .. I was excited to see the Pisces n loved his presence but recently saw on the internet how he felt about his baby’s mom..crushed the hell outta me emuf to

    • Ha ha,sounds like my story, except I’m the Pisces that you are talking about….talk about crazy huh??….its like if you are talking about me.. =)

  12. I had a 6 year relationship with a Virgo man. Our union was explosive but the issue was both of us were in other committed relationships. He was available when I wasn’t and vice versa. Arguments ensued at the drop of a dime, but when we got along it was serene. Sleeping on his chest with no sexual contact was the perfect way to spend an evening at the beginning of this courtship. The Virgo man is still my every thought and desire even though I have not seen him physically in over two years. He is married now so all I have are memories…if I could have only been available ..I may have been his wife..

  13. LOL all i can do is laugh about this thing with us-in a good way though. so basically I’ve learned to let go and let it happen being with my Pisces man. It was very hard for me to do because my attraction was so strong and i suppose he had to learn how to trust me in turn. The Pisces and I have the same exact emotions for one another a lot of times in a way that i can’t explain and have been through a lot of same exact experiences in our lives as well. sometimes i doubt if he realizes it sometimes then of course out of the blue one day without the Virgo girl having to tell him a thing he reveals to me with proof that he does in fact know it. the reason i’m laughing is because after a year of being whatever it is that we are the Pisces wants to know if we can last without having sex rofl. when we’re around each other it is impossible for us to keep our hands off of one another in any situation and i mean every single time we are around each other. now the normal Virgo in me would actually like to say to him what he’s stating makes no sense and question the actual motives for his reasoning. but knowing the Pisces man over this period of time that is just setting off an unnecessary bomb. so i just let go and have his little experiment cuz if it’s meant to be it will be no matter what i do or don’t do. do we disagree? yes all the time and when it’s serious it really hurts us both like hell but somehow we’re able to laugh about it and i concede knowing that I’m right and he’ll realize it later on anyway lol Besides it’s really no big deal because I’m so happy to be around and with him anyway. i know that eventually he’ll see my point of view he usually does and if he doesn’t I’ve come to realize that there are new thing’s to learn myself. there have been times though when the Pisces swims on whatever path he’s going and i say there’s no way in hell I’m letting him in or i ask how on earth can this be patched up? when this happens i realize that sometimes I’m trippin’ and i need to be more sensitive and aware and other times the Virgo girl just needs to simply state my PEACE so that he can be aware. believe it or not Pisces men can be pretty persistant…i can go on and on but in a nutshell my advice is be patient, be open, be brave, try to learn, be honest, don’t hold back, and no matter what happens enjoy every moment 🙂 oh yeah the experiment is kinda not working but I’m sorta holding back to help him see his experiment through, I’m a little curious myself cuz if it can possibly get any better than this i will be in gah-gah land never to return lol

    • Hi, I am a Pisces woman and I read through all comments on this page and came across yours and felt the need to reply because what you are experiencing is somewhat exactly what I had done to a previous Virgo man. Now I know that astrology has many factors that determines each individual where you sun and moon lies etc… But your story demanded my attention. I as a Pisces know that we are very passionate lovers we want our partners to feel everything we have to offer intuitively but most of all if we question How you feel about us then we use tests to lead us in the right direction. A sex test is for us Pisces to see if our relationship is based on just the physical or does our partner really love us for us. We want to know if something happen and we could not perform would you still be there for us still want us still love us. The more he fails the test with you the more he fails within himself. As much as you love him rocking your world it would be to your best interest to either be up front with him about how you really feel or allow him to past his test so he can move on in his mind to the next level with you.

  14. Pisces girl with Virgo man. In my case the relationship with the Virgo man works out very well. Opposites do attract, that’s for sure. Pisces and Virgo are different in many ways, but that’s what attracts us to each other every day new. We do argue every once in a while, but if we do it’s what I call “constructive arguing”. We both try to learn from our differences, and that’s what keeps our relationship going and our love alive. Pisces and Virgo compatibility can be extremely high, but if both individuals involved are not willing or able to understand the other, then it is probably better not to enter a Pisces and Virgo love relationship, and that applies to all kinds of relationships between these two astrological signs. With a little respect, tolerance and thorough communication this can be a very promising love match. Go Pisces and Virgo!!

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