Ox – Personality and Characteristics

Personality and Characteristics of the 12 Chinese Astrology Signs – Ox:

Personality and Characteristics of the Ox

The Ox – 牛

Individuals who are born under the Chinese sign of the Ox are diligent workers who will not stop a task until it is completed. Ox signs are rigid, slow in their work however, spending hours to accomplish very little. They simplify all aspects of life into basic categories of either good or bad. Anyone who does not meet their high standards may find himself or herself judged harshly and rebuked by the Ox.

The Ox is a quiet and contemplative person. While seemingly docile and shy, the Ox can be quickly angered and fly into a rage if provoked. The Chinese Ox is observant, intelligent and creative. These qualities can make them good artisans, laborers or businesspeople.

Extremely family oriented, the Ox is loyal and conservative. Their patience and caring nature make them a great friend to have. While not a jealous creature by nature, infidelity or friction by a spouse may drive them to anger. While the Ox may seem rigid and slow, they are truly a thoughtful and kind people. Ox signs enjoy helping others, working hard and patiently at achieving these goals.

The Female Ox

A distinct difference in the woman Ox is their general lack of need for the opposite sex. The female Ox is often so self-sufficient and strong-minded, that flights of passion do not sway her simple way of thinking. The female Ox does consider love and sex an important aspect of life, but does not find lovemaking a motivating need in life.

The girl Ox is a very private person in general, keeping only her friends and family close. She will prefer to keep to herself and stay at home rather than seek out social situations. If she does witness something that goes against her beliefs however, the female Ox will quickly become outspoken and let everyone around her know exactly how she feels.

The Ox woman is a simple person, generally modest, and loves to talk. Those around her may grow tired of her constant speech. Despite being one who constantly has something to say, when pressed to speak her mind on views of a given subject, the Ox woman may have a hard time expressing herself.

The Male Ox

The male Ox is shy around those of the opposite sex. He may find it difficult to take initiative in sex and tries to avoid entering into sensual surroundings when on a date. The Ox man prefers to have a working relationship of teamwork and dependability rather than one of passions and lovemaking. He may be constantly suspicious of his partner, wondering if she is being unfaithful.

The male Ox is known to bottle up all doubts and negative feelings. Generally a hard worker, others may not see him as particularly bright, but instead someone who always has a plan for the future and very inventive. In business, the Ox man is reliable and works hard to achieve his goals, but does not often strive for a position of power, as leadership is not a strong suit.

The male Ox rarely changes his mind and is known to be a man of strong principles. Deep convictions and strong purpose guide his actions on a daily basis. Once the Ox man has decided what direction he will take, nothing will change his course. This stubbornness can be difficult to live with at times, however the power of his convictions can make obstacles less challenging making him a strong partner to have if your goals are the same.

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