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The Hanged Man and The Empress vs. The Devil and The Lovers

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Assuming love and romance to be on the horizon, “The Devil and The Lovers” are tarot birth cards which exist to serve a multitude and variety of compatibility and potential purposes.

Existing but to experience pleasure and delight, “The Devil and The Lovers” are birth cards which serve as perpetrators of satisfaction. Reading into others with purpose and motive, “The Devil and The Lovers” capitalizes on the achievements of others, glorifying their work but simultaneously gaining something in return. Truly skillful and opportunistic, “The Devil and The Lovers” are willing to help in a pinch, but for a price well… let’s just consider undetermined! Under this light, “The Devil and The Lovers” may establish relationships more or less under false pretenses, and undergo extensive means in order to secure a comfortable, albeit contrived sense of compatibility and intimate meaning. For the time being that these birth cards should interact, one might never be for certain of the ulterior motives and strategic mindset and purpose of “The Devil and The Lovers” as a birth card pair.

Countering this, however, “The Hanged Man and The Empress” is a birth card pair of both spiritual and physical wellness. In effect, whereby “The Devil and The Lovers” birth cards are generous and giving of external indulgences, “The Hanged Man and The Empress” birth cards are loving and nurturing of inner indulgences, such as the body and soul. In this regard, “The Hanged Man and The Empress” in love with “The Devil and The Lovers” may find compatibility in the complementary services each offers to one another.

Specializing in purging negative meanings from one’s soul, however, “The Hanged Man and The Empress” has but only one motive, where unlike that of “The Devil and The Lovers,” is not of self-interest, but of enlightenment. Different in this manner, the two may not ultimately see life in the same regards. Consequently, concerning any potential love relationship between these tarot birth cards, the compatibility meter may reserve the right to remain safely at neutral.

The Devil and The Lovers

Tarot Compatibility The LoversTarot Compatibility The DevilA duo of undeniable joys, “The Devil and The Lovers” birth card pair are both initiators and instigators of life’s indulgences.

Generous and giving, yet binding and calculating, The Devil birth card is a dealer of deliverables and desires. Reading into others, The Devil utilizes his self-determined nature to glorify the achievements of others, all the while capturing their weaknesses and taking ownership of the situation. Competitive and totally ambitious, The Devil is prone to jealousy, which is likely to follow this birth card into issues of love and relationships as well.

Cooperative and with an open attitude, The Lovers birth card embraces the overall sharing of life. Charmed and curious, however, The Lovers are at times thoughtless in their pursuit of life’s wonders. Naive, this birth card is prone to make mistakes, but likely to salvage new potential for love and romance in the process.

United from the tarot deck, “The Devil and The Lovers” strive for a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, and likewise possess the motivation to uncover and spread delight without exception.

The Hanged Man and The Empress

Tarot Compatibility The EmpressTarot Compatibility Hanged ManDetached, yet simultaneously involved, few tarot birth cards debut the spiritual meaning versus the physical meaning, more than “The Hanged Man and The Empress.”

Hanging by his own merit, imperturbable on cross, The Hanged Man birth card, with glorified halo, represents a distancing of self; inner withdrawal from the trivial meanings of living, towards a deeper overall reading into life. Striving highly for abstract meaning via spiritual ideals, The Hanged Man is mindful of the importance of purging one’s soul, and seeks life, love, and relationships accordingly.

In contrast, The Empress birth card, sitting in dress and crown, comfortably and conventionally, remains focused upon that which is more tangible. By this, deeper meaning for The Empress is more aptly achieved via the attentive and active engagement shown and showered upon those around her.

Observed straight from the tarot deck, “The Hanged Man and The Empress” in spread produce countering imagery of color, posture, symbolism, and decorum. Despite this, the meanings of these birth cards are actually quite complimentary. Although in some ways opposite, “The Hanged Man and The Empress” unite as selflessly well-meaning, and capable of great love and devotion for those that they deem worthy.

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